Nail Fashion: Cherry Nails

Want to make it with one more nail art of Virendra Soriano? This time the whole property with biomedical artist took advantage of the early spring/summer entry and bet on Cherry Nails. Virendra below explains the step-by-step to the charming nails.

1-a layer of Retriever with keratin (Nati)

2-a layer of income beads (Risqué)

3 and 4-make a thick French with the petal white (Colorama). Tip: steady the hand holding the brush of the enamel and rotate the finger to form the French, is a practical and fast way.

5-Make the French on all nails

6 and 7-Dripping one drop with the Divine Rose Nail Polish (Colorama) on a piece of paper to facilitate the work. Use the brush to decorate nails (Avon Color Trend) to make the balls in French. * Clarifying: this is not a brush with bristles at the tip has a steel ball that helps in decorating, who does not have this brush can do with “toothpick”.

8-For the cherry branch, do the same procedure for the marbles in French. Ping the emerald green Nail Polish (Risqué) on a piece of paper.

9-you can use a nail brush or paint (the paint brush is adapted by cutting half of the bristles to be thinner).

10 and 11-Make the cherry branch dash like a “Y”.

12-ping Again drop of Divine Pink (Colorama) on paper.

13-With brush cable make the “balls”, they are the cherries on the nail.

14–the Cherry leaf drop format, using the emerald green Nail Polish (Risqué). Thicken a little gout to have a stroke.

15 and 16-mix one drop of each Nail Polish (Emerald green and pink Divine) to form the color brown. Make a small risk representing the branch.

Ready. Is cherry and nail!