Nails Decorated Animal Print Walkthrough

Every woman loves a well-made nail presumptuous, isn’t it? But in addition to keep the nails clean and beautiful, many women like to decorate your nails with various kinds of drawings. One of the types of nail decoration that makes success among women of various ages and styles is the animal print. This type of decoration is able to give a special charm in any season of the year, so it’s been so successful.

Unlike most nail arts, the decorated animal print nails have a different style, so it is able to make any visual only. The animal print designs that are more successful with women currently are: the zebra, Jaguar and tiger. Some women prefer the prints in the common colors, while others like to innovate opting for more vibrant colors like yellow, red and orange.

Animal print decorated nails are always high, so they keep doing so successful among women passionate about nail arts. The nail decoration with animals are increasingly in fashion, as more and more women are innovating in visual, especially nails. You also like that sort of nail decoration? Then continue reading the article to learn some drawings step by step!

Nails decorated models animal print

There are so many options in nails decorated animals that it’s hard to choose a template. To give a hand, mining some images of decorated animal print nails available on internet and we have selected some tutorials in videos that show you how to do step by step nails decorated animal print. We believe that in this way, we help you choose the best model that combines more with your style.

The drawings more used currently are the Jaguar, zebra, Tiger and giraffe. However, it is possible to find many variations of these designs. Some nails decorated animal print, take colors more sober, others have vibrant colors, and even mix of colors, textures and details applications.

Learn how to do nails animal print walkthrough

Decorated Leopard nails

The drawings of Jaguar spots on the nails is guaranteed success. Many women think that this design is hard to do, but some step by steps from the internet, they teach easy for who is still beginner. Check out below, a video that teaches how to make Leopard decor very easy to do.

Animal print nail special

Have you ever imagined a mixture of animal designs on the nails? A good alternative to let the modern nail and fun is betting on several animals, a stamp on each nail. See the video below, how to make a nail decoration with 5 different prints: Jaguar, zebra, Tiger, Giraffe and Kitty!

Like the tips of nails decorated animal print? So see more options for you to be inspired! If you haven’t had much practice, it pays to get a professional who can do various types of decorated fingernails.