Nails – Dior – “558 Paradise”

  1. product, that I want you to meet, because I painted my nails today again. Actually a summer color, and now at almost anything too garish, but beautiful, even if the paint is in itself not perfect as the two previously featured products from the collection. But this matter more.

The color is very difficult to photograph, because it really has a neon effect, extremely lights when too much exposure and is thus not recognizable. It acts on the photos some to red, a bit more pink has one pure vorstellen himself. The much applies up perfectly in the middle of the color.

The nail polish comes in a Twin Pack – in addition to the color man, receives one as in the Orange paint of the collection, “Aloha”, “glossy top coat”, which brings the color to shine. Why this excess paint is useful? Because the lacquer itself has a semi matte finish and thus not perfectly shines. Who can leave out of course the top coat who don’t mind. Who wants to shine, can access also to any other excess paint, but: this top coat quick dryer is so not so wrong. 🙂 Since you get it so or so along with the paint, I would at this point of course mention him and above all praise. Because he works quite well – the paint dries very quickly on the surface when the coat. Everything is dried out, it takes but unfortunately longer than, for example, with the “good to go” of essie, but for the many layers that you need the paint, is really doesn’t matter in the end what quick dryer take – it takes so or so forever…

Dior – “558 paradise”
“Electric Topics” collection – summer 2011

  • 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
    • 3 coats ‘558 paradise’ (Dior)
    • 1 coat “glossy top coat” (Dior)

Order & opacity:The order goes wonderfully. At this point I must commend also the brush (you can see him on the screen, where the top coat with pictured is – it is exactly the same brush), which one of the order extremely facilitates. The consistency is also pleasant, actually right – only the opacity, which leaves to be desired. I used 3 layers and two ring fingers the nail tips shine through still (this is also partly because there being somehow just especially white at me…). I find this very sad and especially when a very expensive paint, I expect a better opacity. I’m a little disappointed…

Dry season:Three layers the drying time increases of course immensely. I didn’t so now, as usual, the “good to go” used by essie, but delivers just the top coat, the Dior. Generally quite good, also the fast drying effect, but just not good enough. It has been already 45 minutes since I painted and I can put still dents with a nail (with little violence, but just yet…). It will probably amount to 45 more minutes until the paint is completely dried out.

Color:After all, the color really something special. It is quite wonderful – thanks to the neon effect. The color itself is hard to describe, somehow neon pink with neon-red, a kind of neon magenta, which rather reddish acts in direct light and rather pink in the shade. You see – that will now not really describe. As mentioned the promo image brings out well at the top all the color in the Middle but the.

Total:Pity that the paint is somewhat difficult. In the summer, has something better to pretend to wait that the paint dries – forever remains at three layers one but nothing else left. 🙁 Otherwise, is it definitely a divine summer colour, wonderfully bright, strong and makes really good mood – for me!

Purchase recommendation:Yes – the long dry season don’t mind who, which should be accessed.

The two nail polishes “Paradise” and “Aloha” from May 19, with the top coat is available for approx. 30,-€ in the ‘Electric Tropics’ summer collection.