Nails – MAC – “Mean and Green”

A true dream coat, but not for the camera. I ask myself all the time, how people manage to look good this paint on photos, but I get it not better. At least now with artificial light. I’ll try it tomorrow during the day and hope it looks better.

MAC – “Mean & green”

(Venomous villains collection, limited edition)

is a wonderful Duochrome Nail Polish.

  • 1 coat “start to finish” (OPI)
    • 2 Voats “Mean & green” (MAC)
    • 1 coat “RapiDry” (OPI)

Order & opacity:The texture is pleasantly liquid, but suitable also for thicker layers. 2 layers are sufficient. A third layer you can apply of course also, but not absolutely necessary (I think, the other VV coatings are somewhat worse…).

Dry season:The varnish has dried fairly quickly, I almost thought I need not necessarily “RapiDry”. In any case, it was super dried through after about 30 minutes.

Color:The color is a pretty sheeres green, but the shimmer (Pearl-finish according to MAC) is hard to beat. Going from golden over pink until back to purple – the paint is lighter, darker times. Really difficult to photograph.

Overall:A beautiful coat. Each of you who got it, really can look forward. Of course, there’s also a dupe of Orly, but price, you can get there quite right away. I really get with it, there are also dupes to the 3 VV paints at accessorize.