Nails of Dior Vernis – “Princess”

Dior four new Nail Polish colors (and also suitable to a pretty wide range of glosses with various finishes) has launched recently – including “Princess” *, which lives up to its name. I think I’ve never seen a “tussigeren” paint:a slightly korallstichiges (on the nails) Barbie pink with much, much glitter. The full name of the paint is not in vain “Dior Vernis Sparkling Color extreme wear nail lacquer”.
Despite chick alarm the Faber is “Princess” but beautiful, and just right if even extremely striking. For spring and summer a perfect, bright color – and who glitter like, will love this paint (or at least one of the other three).
Only drawback: it took me 3 layers to get a completely opaque result.

Dior Vernis – “Princess”
  • 2 coats “Rock Solid” (essie)
    • 3 coats “Princess” (Dior)
    • 1 coat “Top Coat” (Dior)

Order & opacity:I used a really simple job of Dior — the brush done practically everything by alone. Only the opacity is left to be desired. The first layer, everything was still very streaky and patchy, evenly in the second layer, but the nail tips has seen still shine through. So I got the desired opacity after three coats. This is of course a bit annoying, especially if you painted just before going to sleep… A few quirks were not spared me.

Dry season:The three layers of noticeable of course during the dry season. Despite the yet quick drying Topcoats von Dior took me probably an hour, until the paint was dry. In the morning I woke up but unfortunately with a few dents (ruched points at the corners of the nail).

Color:A typical Barbierosa that is very gaudy. In the bottle still pretty neutral, a light coral stitch comes to me on the nails to the fore. The glitter is in the bottle much clearer, direct artificial light the nails sparkle some more, but in normal (day) light is the relatively subtle glitter, it seems to me. This is mainly silver and pink.

Some strange light and therefore not quite true, but for that you can see the beautiful glitter!
The ingredients for anyone interested!

Overall: I think beautiful “Princess”, but somewhat dissatisfied with the paint, what’s opacity and the appropriate drying time. The bright pink is very nice, fits but unfortunately not quite to my skin tone, which is why my hands so somehow darker look. For me an ideal paint, since other pink or pink shades fit better (I am thinking there eg also the beautiful neon paint “paradise” from the summer collection 2011.

Purchase recommendation: Conditionally. Who loves the color, will able to cope well with the little problems.