Nails – P2 – “Dramatic Black”

The preparation for my today’s nail design that coming into the port.After I already the Green paint from the “your wild side” LE of p2, → “Vibrant Green” already so great was, I wanted to have of course still the other two coatings from the LE. My first attempt to get the two coatings, I was unsuccessful, but a second visit at the dm of my confidence was again filled the shelf and I could still wrap up the black and the coral paint.

Today I’ve tried the black paint so directly time and before I have moved on with my nail design, I got a short interim report from FINANCEDNS for you of course:

P2 – “030 dramatic black”
Your wild side LE

  • 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
    • 1 coat “dramatic black” (p2)

Order & opacity:The paint is slightly thicker as “Vibrant Green”, but nevertheless pleasantly on behalf of my opinion, even if you must, if necessary, again catch up a little color so that it is not streaky. The varnish thanks but with absolute opacity for a layer. I am satisfied!

Dry season:Super is also the dry season – after approx. 10 minutes the paint without topcoat was dried and I could continue directly!

Color:Rich black with semi matte finish. Also this is definitely not a Matt varnish (I assume even in the korallfarbenen ever, that also will be not completely matte), but the slightly frosted finish like it actually even better than something completely Matt. In contrast to “Vibrant Green”, this coating has no glitter in it. Also good. I like it anyway!

Overall:A class paint with nice effect for very little money. The opacity is top and is supported by a quick drying time. Who can get on the LE, should propose to be sure!

Purchase recommendation:Definitely! A versatile paint!