New In The Bag The Beauty Blast Of The Month

Now, half of the month is out. You again chain smoking presided over the TV and waiting for the jungle camp, bankrupt anyway – Christmas, an expensive Festival, is behind you and also the non-resolutions, that you didn’t – touch friends with Campari O in the the supermarket firecrackers they seem as far away as the next summer rain.

But that’s okay, there’s the beauty of your skin and the endless expanse of the care of it Yes still. We start so erquickt and with new large and small treasures in a year full of surprises. New in my bag sneaked has attachment-free: what with Tiger, what with 7, what with pink, what with oil and what with cow – but see it simply itself

Dior – Rouge Diorblush

Finally again a color blast in the home Scalamari Jane. The Rouge in the color “rose sublime” is the only thing I wear now, incidentally, while I sit here naked at the computer and you type these lines. Honestly true. Or maybe not. Who already know it. Beautiful inter NET, beautiful Rouge. Everything nice.

Cowshed – Moody cow shower gel

Not only the “half-price Monday” the scent of cows will be able and Soho House members under you a confidant. At London’s Somerset House, the care line of natural products of medicinal plants was born in 1998 and has since then made the fans around the world of Spa. Unbeatable fragrances, good ingredients. As well as the super delicious shower gel “Moody cow”.

Dr. Barbara Sturm – facial scrub

With the old skin sheds of yesteryear – Hello new year! A great scrub comes in there just right. The best: Silk extract prevents the skin should feel taut after the application. The little white friend here is as innocent as he looks, and completely free of synthetic fragrances, paraben and mineral oils. It also provides horse chestnut extract to strengthen the blood vessels and is suitable for all skin types.

Tiger balm from Thailand

In every corner drugstore, 7Eleven, pharmacy and pavement it was again at the box office right up front to find my little Thailand trip: what has arrived in this country as tiger balm from the far East is cultivated there in different variations and celebrated as a cure for just about everything. From the baby to the OMMA, everybody loves it. The essential oils and additives such as Mint, clove, eucalyptus, menthol or Cajeputstrauch have to inhibit multiple effects such as inflammation or to combat headaches and mosquito bites. Besides, it has a pain-relieving and expectorant effect.

Olaz total effects light as a feather 7 in one day cream SPF 15

Here times a bouquet of feather-light freshness for all ladies from 25 beauty blast? And how! The name is program – the texture of this beginner anti aging miracle is a light-weight – for that wummst the effect but with full power. For all, to younger-looking skin “Yes please” but to heavy textures “No” say, the number 1 in the market in terms of facial care came up again a new trick. The new Olaz total effects 7-in-1 anti-aging skin care product with SPF 15 fights time just seven signs of aging at the same time without the face only in the least fully zukleistern. If one listens closely you can hear the skin breathe deep and even happy.

Courtesy of Olaz

Boots botanics – facial oil

A Fund on the boat airport shop in Kuala Lumpur – I could resist the packaging nor the price as a Ölfän of the first hour and a loyal friend has become the face of oil from the drugstore Division now. Can be applied in the morning and evening as primer used or applied with two drops mixed with the Foundation. Light weight without lead to pimples or a film to leave with organic ingredients and Lemony fresh scent. Mhhhh. Tiptop.