Nice to Have #6

Oh so clean – who may not think about his brush? I can only appeal to give a cleaning brushes off and on. Just who with impure or greasy skin to fight, is thus a favor. I wash my powder brush with which I daily wear to compact powder, at least directly before beginning a fresh powder. I clean all other brushes then simply with. Only after use especially dark eyeshadow, or cream eye liner, I clean the brush immediately. If I cream makeup brush up, I clean the after a few applications.

So far I’ve used brush SOAP by da vinci for cleaning with the lovely citrus scent or laundry SOAP =_> to the blog post or liquid brush cleaner, if it will dry very quickly. What is special about this SOAP from backstage is, that it foams up the damp brush in a can (with since vinci also, but since I don’t do that, because the loose side piece always at some point against tumbles me doing).

Advantage: No wet loose SOAP to dry in the bathroom. To keep the surface without makeup residues of froth presentable, I rinse off shortly it under running water and wipe it dry outside the box, reported by Then everything looks after drying again like new. The box has a handy size and is suitable for thick brush. As a result that left the SOAP in the application in the box, little SOAP gets wet and consumed.

The SOAP is according to the manufacturer of natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and is made without animal fats or preservatives hand stirred in the gentle cold process. The cherry scent is reminiscent of summer and thus the product for me is absolutely nice to have.