Oops, Gave the Hairdresser

Put your anger here.

All we’ve been through that terrible moment when you realize the haircut went very, very wrong. Below, we list the seven emotional stages that we reach in this peaceful and favorable situation:

1-There is Something Wrong Here …

Call it intuition, but to note that (a) (a) is passing the scissors without misery in their sections, with all the enthusiasm in the world, you simply suspect. Something doesn’t smell right, anyway, all I wanted to do was to cut off the tips … Still, attempts to put an end to the negative thoughts and he thinks: “that’s right, I’m sure he has a plan and know what you’re doing”.

2 – Wait, It Seems That There’s a Plan!

You really should have said something back there. Now, the situation has reached a point that there is no way back. The length of your hair reached his ears and keeps shredding everything you see ahead of you. Worse: you are so shocked you can’t even open your mouth to say anything to make it stop.

3-Er, Excuse Me. .. May I Make a Suggestion?

With the weakened voice, after clearing his throat, tries to make a suggestion as if she were the last boat-saves lives which should grab: “maybe I’m short enough …” comments, dull, as if apologizing for hurting the feelings. When he (a) says that only needs to match the other side of the Court, you nod and accept fate. Who knows the end result be, um, satisfying, isn’t it?

4-The Stage of Denial

Doesn’t look too bad assim, are you? All you have to do is wash your hair when you get home, pour him a tube of mousse, rock styling and … It’s going to be okay, right?

5 – I Really Have to Pay for It?

At that moment, you try, at all costs, avoid eye contact with the giant mirror in front of you. You calculate, furious, the amount of money you will have to shell out at the end of all this torture. Or would it be better to pretend you forgot the money at home?

6-Escape Plan

Well, there’s nothing you can do. While the (a) (a) begins to style the cut – highlighting even more the new look you plan to possible escapes out the back door. Maybe a bag of bread help hide her until you get in the car. After that, ponytails and beanies will be the saviors of the fatherland until your hair reaches the length you want. Seven months and counting. It’s going to be easy. You can do it.

7-“Now the More I’m Going to Cut Your Hair!”

It is over. It’s the end. You are in the box, holding the emotions and promising yourself you will never even cut a drizzle of wig. After paying the service with heartache, the feeling is that everyone is watching you. Yes, everyone seems to be aware of the tragedy that occurred. Already in the parking lot, the car seems to have taken purposely missing tea. Find it was never that hard. Worse: you forgot to take off the one bag of bread to stick in your head.