Party Hairstyles: Hair-Pinned up!

The Big Show for parties and celebrations only succeeds with the right hairstyle. Those who want to move glamorously and elegantly on the parquet are not going to get around these tips and tricks: pinned up points on the whole line!

In her book “Hair Secrets”, Marlies Meller, the hamburger hair stylist with years of professional experience, describes everything you need to know about hair, care and styling. Marlies successfully leads six hairdressing salons with over 120 employees, offers training and besides her many appointments she also has her own hair care line out. Together with the journalist Sylvia hoarse she has put together the best tips and tricks in her book and in 21 lovingly designed chapters she reveals how to make beautiful hair a reality. Hair dryer tips, care instructions and SOS guides included.

The Curly Tuff

For real wow effect at events, an artful updo is provided like the curly tuff.

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Here’s how it works: According to mabletonProducts, this updo is suitable for half long to long hair. For this purpose, the hair is first turned onto a winder to create large curls. Then put the hair up from the neck and fix it with hairspray. The curls on the top head a little antoupieren and spread tightly. The tips are allowed to fall into the forehead quietly. Define some curl tips with cream or light wax. Finally, fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

To the recommendation: The book “Hair Secrets. Care, styling, hairstyles, color, perms, extensions, Ponies. “By Marlies Möller focuses on the interaction of hairstyle, wearer, hair structure, care and styling. With numerous illustrations and an interview with the author. Published at Riva Verlag, 20 euro.