Permanent Eyelashes

Learn how to have eyelashes with a curl effect at a glance

Many women like to highlight the look leaving the lashes longer and bulky.For them to have this effect, it is worth that help of the eyelash curler , mascara, pencils and even the false eyelashes .But all this ritual to have the most beautiful lashes, ends up taking a few minutes a day.

To make life easier for women, the permanent eyelash was created.The technique does not lengthen the threads, but leaves the eyelashes with the same effect as the curvature, giving a pronounced curvature in a natural way.The permanent also reinforces the color of the eyelashes, leaving the look more feminine and expressive.

How is the eyelash permanent made?

The permanent eyelash technique from Health-beauty-Guides is indicated mainly for those with straight eyelashes.The process is painless and takes about an hour and a half.

To make the eyelash permanent , the first step is a cleaning in the eye area. Next, a specific glue is applied close to the root of the eyelashes and a small roll is placed. It is a mini-bob, similar to those used in the hair, placed on the eyelid with a permanent hair gel that gives the curled effect on the eyelashes.

After 15 minutes of rest, the gel is withdrawn and the eyelashes receive a neutralizing liquid.Made a second rest, is applied the protective cream of paint on the eyelids and the eyelashes are dyed black to give the effect of the mask of eyelashes.After waiting a few minutes and removing the paint, the lashes are brushed.

The effect of the permanent lashes lasts up to two months and there are no restrictions on the use of other beauty products in the eye region.