Pineapple, Your Great Ally

By this time of year is when we try to get a diet and prepare to get bikini and not see the blessed the cellulite appearing under our thighs. One of the best foods that help us remove that cellulite is the Pineapple.

The Pineapple circulation thanks to the Bromelain, an essential enzyme that has this fruit, and which makes that clots that may form dissolve. It is very good if you suffer from circulation problems such as thrombosis. To promote circulation, will be reducing small varicose veins along with the largest and pain causing.

The Bromelain It is capable of dividing large proteins by reducing water retention, causing many weight increases. To reduce fluid retention, grease is dissolved and the cellulite begins to fade. At the same time, we see that our skin is smoothing, those unsightly lumps that before horrified us will disappear and be glad for the fact of notice us less swollen and have decreased weight. The Pineapple It contains very little caloric value and plenty of water there, that is also good if you want to lose some kilo.

Stubbing kilos more quickly, it is the pineapple diet, consisting of eating only one Pineapple to the day. It seems to me that this diet is not the most appropriate to reduce weight since very few calories are consumed for a whole day. It is best to replace, only, dinner with several slices of Pineapple. In this way, you stand weight, lose fluids and improve circulation without doing a very strict diet.