Progressive Brush Tips and Care

In the year 2013, the actress Jennifer Aniston, widely known for her role as Rachel on the famous American television series Friends made headlines of all newspapers. The reason: a Progressive Brush .

Many women, as well as Jennifer Aniston also had problems with their treatments for the wires. The Escova Progressiva is without a doubt a very controversial method to leave the hair more smooth. We will explain everything you need to know before doing this procedure so that your desire for beauty of the wires do not come down.

But what is Progressive Brush?

The Escova Progressiva is a treatment that uses a combination of formaldehyde (formalin) and keratinto let the hair smooth. Pointed to as the solution to the frizz, was fashion since the beginning of year 2000, and since then, cause a lot of controversy.

The service is perfect if you are looking for softness and smoothness in the hair. The Progressive Brushpromises to let the wires shiny and silky to the touch. One of the main attractions is the daily time savings that usually loses drying hair with a blow dryer. The promise is that the keratin penetrates the cuticle of thehair, making it smooth.

The Progressive Brush lasts between twelve and sixteen weeks. This period is variable according to the rate of washings that the wires are submitted after the procedure. The product application and smoothing thehair at high temperatures with brush and hair dryer, take between 90 and 150 minutes to be held at thebeauty salon.

The service does not include cutting, but it’s good to cut a little after the completion of theProgressive Brush to remove any edge that has become dry and is disturbing to see the effect of the products in the rest of the hair.

If you plan on painting the hair too, the services cannot be made on the same day. The dye can be applied until two days before the Progressive Brush or, at least, two weeks later.

After Escova Progressiva is complete, you should avoid the most wet or wash your hair for three days.Application of any kind of product like gel, Hairspray, mousse, oils, creams, shampoos and etc are also prohibited in the period. If, during sleep, your hair scrunch or lose the form, you should use or a flat iron or a blow dryer brush to leave him with the same format with which you left the Salon.

Your hair, after Progressive Brush, will be more resilient and will no longer be affected by climate change, rain, moisture or sweat. The frizz is a distant enemy to you, which may be a more practical relationship with their wires on a daily basis.

The Progressive Brush is not a permanent treatment. If you don’t want to flatten completely their wires, the versatility of the treatment allows the stylist do the Progressive Brush in order to maintain certain curves and movements, according to your desire.

For this, it is always important to have a reliable professional who knows your hair and the product to be applied, so that you have the best result within your expectations.

Who can do?

The Progressive Brush can be made by persons who have any type of hair. Is very effective in rejuvenating damaged hair, dry and chemically treated. Made to restructure the hair cuticle, gives strength to the hair and helps maintain the color of the dye.

Like all chemistry, some people may react badly to the Progressive Brushprocedure, showing pictures of facial redness and scalp, burning in the eyes, in the nasal passages and throat, nausea and other problems arising from allergies.

Make sure with your hairdresser that you has no allergy to the components of the formula and ask to do a sensitivity test prior to beginning the procedure.