Pulling the Perfect Eyeliner: That’s How It Works

Small stroke with great effect! The eyeliner is one of the classics of make-up art. As you draw with a little practice the perfect eyelid, we reveal here.

Whether thick or thin, long or short – the perfect eyeliner is not only exercise, but also taste. The length of the eyelid depends on personal preferences and the eye shape. With almond-shaped eyes, for example, it looks very nice when the bow becomes thicker and more curved at the end. Round eyes are optically lengthened when the eyeliner is pulled over the inner and outer lid ends.

Eyeliner:eyeliner or eyeliner?

For the perfect eye-contact you have the choice between liquid eyeliner (gel or fluid) or a kajal.Liquid eyeliner is more delicate and elegant and is also suitable for beginners:thanks to the liquid consistency and the narrow brush, small slip-ons can be better avoided with the eyelid.

The Kajal, on the other hand, forgives less hands because of its soft consistency, so it should be used by practiced makeup fans for the eyeliner. Plus: thanks to its texture, it is also possible to draw thicker, softer and slightly smoother lines (for Smokey Eyes).Kajal can be applied before or after the eyeshadow, but liquid eyeliner should always be used after the eyeshadow to draw the eyeliner.

Pulling the eyelid – step by step

  1. Before the eyelid, remove the grease

Important before applying the eyeliner is that the eyelid is free of grease.The easiest way to do this is with a cosmetic towel: simply dab the entire lid surface with the tissue.If you have a more greasy skin, use an eyeshadow base or some powder, and so lightly coat the lid.Effect: The eye make-up lasts longer.

  1. Test the eyelid on the back of the hand

No matter whether liquid eyeliner or kajal, the consistency and texture of the color should always be tested first on the back of the hand.This gives you a feeling for the consistency and the line guidance on the eyelids is easier.Lash the eyelid slightly with the other hand when applying the eyelid, so that the skin tightens.

  1. Pull the eyelid in two pulls

The easiest way to make the make-up is to pull the eyeliner in two pulls. The first line goes from the inner corner of the eye to the center, the second from the outside to the inside, so that the two lines meet. The outer line (from outside to inside) is best not at the end of the lid, but a few millimeters before. The line on the back can be slightly wider. This is to prevent the eyes from falling optically.

  1. Allow the eyeliner to dry

Liquid eyeliner needs some time to dry.It is best to close the eye for a few seconds until the eyeliner is dried.You can easily repair dirty parts with a damp cotton swab.

  1. Swing for the lashes

A clean eyeliner emphasizes the eyes and puts them in the center. For an even better result you can bend the eyelashes with the eyelashes, then they get a nice momentum, explained by Societypically. Subsequently, with a volume mascara the eyelashes vigorously.