Questionnaire 10 Beauty Facts about Nike Jane

Scalamari Jane us with their ten personal facts of beauty here already had supplies and at the same time other Janes started, also finally with a few truths to back out a call to us. Follow it so the ten facts about me that you know probably nothing here:

  1. My left eye is smaller than the right, therefore I look down ever so obliquely from the page images. Ever tired or drunk I get, the bigger the difference – if it is nearly complete, this is the surest indication that it’s time to go home.

2 Apropops eyes: I have a made of corneal curvature (which is why I see no circles, but only ovals) and minus 3 diopter, but only on the sofa, wearing glasses and forget contact lenses outside most.

3 ICH possessed even a perfume that I used for years – until my first boyfriend dumped me. Loud heart pain, I threw not only photos, but also the bottle in which the scent put our relationship in the garbage. Since then, I heard fragrances, because no one wants to really fit. However, a fresh favourite is “secret of de Rochas”. 4. I was even small, suddenly big, and after said grief 12 kilos heavier than now. Since then, I’m mackerel on the insides of the thighs. That’s why I’m sitting with short shorts rarely cross-legged.
5. Without makeup, I like me actually rather than with just the eyebrows are usually fully painted, but without mascara I am asked constantly whether me is also really good. Maybe because I have the shortest eyelashes in the world, which is why I think about permanent Klimper extentions, really. Also because of the make-up that sucks.
6 make-up removal. Very nasty affair. I did it three times all in my life, to use a cotton wool pad and cleanser. Now I make it, after all, to rinse me every second night before bedtime wash gel and water in the face. To do this, I use alternately Aesop because of the pleasant forests smell or Vichy.

7 I have large pores and a life pimple which emblazoned every few months on my nose. Also I have two piercing holes, one at the nostril and the other on the lower lip, where two rings dangled.

8 ICH points next to or underneath the eyes painted for years me, then I was lazy. Today, my little sister has replaced me. But once in a while it itches me still in the fingers, which are huge by the way long ultra:

  1. I almost never go maybe every two to the hair salon, three years time. I cut my top but constantly itself, which is why my hair is probably never enough over the breasts.

10 I am big fan of Lippengeschmiere. I prefer I Balm De Rose by Terry.

(+1: for me, a fellow student before a couple years revealed that you blow-dry the armpits are on lubrication of deodorant, so that it dries all fast, I do the same you.) (No more white stripes, Ahoy.)