Quick Start Guide to Learn How to Apply Makeup

Every woman, by more expert or beginner , which is on the theme of beauty, will have doubt at some point… I get first base or concealer? Is it necessary to use lip liner? Although there are no exact answers, there are small tips that make easier it. It takes into account this quick start guide to learn how to apply makeup and the order in which certain products should apply… be amazed the difference!

Note: the example below is for a basic makeup. As you become familiar with the steps (or if you are looking for another type of look) you can add cosmetics to your routine.

Step 1: Base or color moisturizing

During the day, you will need a light coverage of media, depending on your skin type. Say goodbye to heavy bases, because they will only see your face “stiff” and untrue. With the skin perfectly clean and moist in depth, four or five points of makeup applied and spread it with your fingers or with a brush in a circular motion – sure it looks even and don’t forget areas like Chin and neck.

If you want to try to “correct” the shape of your face, you can use a fast of the contouring version. Then, seal loose or compact powder.

If you prefer a natural look, opt for moisturizers with color, CC Creams that also illuminate or BB Creams. All three offer less coverage than a Foundation but it will continue giving it a veil of color to your face. Follow the same instructions on themakeupexplorer. This time, you can leave the dust aside for a wet effect.

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Step 2: concealer

There are several types of editors – to cover pimples to those designed to cover rosacea – however, the most widely used are those covering dark circles or blemishes.

Once you’ve applied the base, uses the concealer in areas that require it… don’t abuse!

Here comes into play the texture of your concealer but, usually, you can also apply several dots and blend them with a specific brush. If you do it with your fingers, you run the risk of not covering enough imperfection. Not so clear spell you choose or you might suffer from the syndrome “mask”.

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Step 3: flush

Why the Rouge at this point? Because it will help you to define the face, raise the cheekbones and decide that much makeup will make you miss lips or eyes. Flushing is an important step that can ruin or enhance the shape of your face.

For more naturalness (or if your skin is mature) chooses the versions on cream or gel, they are easy and will save you precious minutes if you’re a busy woman. Flushes or compact powder should be applied with a brush, while maintaining the purpose of tuning or dissimulate (the makeup can slim the face cheeks).

In this step, the bronzers are valid and should complement the blusher, not compete with them.

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Step 4: eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of your rostror and are able to define your look, so give them the importance they deserve. A basic makeup or day, eyebrows are the same tone of your hair (where possible) and if your shadows are clear, you have permission to obscure them a little more.

Peinalas up to see where you must fill in and proceeds to apply makeup with a brush. Eyebrow powder makeup looks more credible than crayons – if you use one or the other, it ends with a brush type mascara to remove any stroke or marked lines.

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Step 5: Shadows or liners

Let’s be honest – there are women who do not have time use Shadows or to outline your eyes perfectly. If yours is a neutral look, opt for shadows in cream in light colours that give light to your eyes. You can also give more depth to the eye with a Brown shade in the crease.

Do you want more intensity? Get it outlining your eyes with a dark tone. Let the unbroken line for chic effect or blur it a bit with your fingers for a quick effect “cat’s eye”. Another option is to makeup according to the color of your eyes, long as you go with the rest of your makeup.

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Step 6: mascara

The main thing: take the time necessary to make your lashes with a product that take care of them. Not uncommon to see women with patches of pestanina in their eyelids or, worse yet, tabbed lumpy and formless.

Riza lashes with a good quality tool – 10 seconds is more than sufficient – and applies the mask horizontally, trying to cover each one of them. Don’t wait to apply the second coat to dry, otherwise lumps are formed. Peinalas to give it more definition. If you want to make the lower lashes, do the same but hold the applier vertically.

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Step 7: Lipstick or balm

Ends your makeup by applying a touch of color on your lips. From lip dyes, glitters and bars, alternatives seem to be endless when it comes to your mouth. Be patient if you choose lipsticks – they need a delineated perfect and a precise application, especially if they are colors dark (forbidden If you have thin lips).

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Extra tip: to include other cosmetics such as primers or prebases, Illuminators or more creative shades look in which part of the face and apply them according to the previous Guide. Sometimes in makeup, my dear friend, it is essential to have common sense.