Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Playful to independent brushing with the Sonicare for kids connected. So brushing is fun: the new sonic toothbrush care for kids connected Philips adapts to the specific needs of children and helps them to develop an effective tooth brushing routine. So playful sets the foundation for a lifelong healthy dental care. “Sparkly”, the personal trainer of plaster from the associated app is part of the game. Thanks to Bluetooth technology and the interactive coaching application, children are playing animated to the independent and thorough brushing. The patented Sonic technology, a child-friendly design, two different brush head sizes and practical functions such as kids hours and alert help increasing the brushing time and thoroughly clean the teeth.

For most children, the movement is ‘ now brushing only once and then the bed ‘ one of the most unpopular from the mouth of the parents. With the connected app, Philips has created a virtual boyfriend, sparkly, by which it is brushing a real highlight at bedtime or after waking up. With its help children navigate mouth as Visual how to brush your teeth through an interactive app in the Sparklys acts”, said Dimitri Ternovoj, senior marketing manager oral health care. Thus children learn playing thoroughly to clean all quadrants in the mouth and get rewards with good results, including gifts that make their training partner happy sparkly and they motivate to brush their teeth regularly and thoroughly, so and new next.

While the children when brushing your teeth with the coaching app can interact, the hand piece of the sonic toothbrush gives information about the duration of the cleaning operation to the app. Up to 20 rounds of plaster can be stored offline and synchronizes the results at the next use of the app. A separate dashboard in the app allows parents to track performance and progress of the child. Can also create user-defined objectives and incentives. 98 percent in a survey indicated that this helps their children to brush longer and more thoroughly. The Kidtimer it gradually increases the duration of plaster over a period of 90 days to reach the 2 minutes recommended by dental professionals. Ten different melodies to provide variety and motivate the children to comply with the recommended brushing time.

The proven Sonic technology creates a dynamic fluid flow for a powerful yet gentle and reliable cleaning between teeth and along the gumline. An ergonomic, easy to handle with rubber cover facilitates the application. Two child-friendly cleaning settings ensure a gentle and age-appropriate cleaning. While the low level ideal for children four years and older, the higher in children from the age of seven is aimed. Two brush heads (standard and compact) are included. The colorful highlight: Eight different stickers kids can decorate with individually their toothbrush.