Research Suggests That Smiling Ages, But Who Cares?

A new study suggests that smiling ages. If toothpaste commercials and lipsticks are reliable, a big smile should make you look more attractive and jovial, right?

Research Suggests That Smiling Ages, But Who Cares

A broad smile can add years to the appearance of people, according to the publication published in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin and Review.

Scientists have asked volunteers to give their opinion on the ages of people in the photographs shown on a screen.

They were women and men smiling, neutral expressions or surprises. Researchers wanted to know if smiling people were viewed as younger than they really were.

The smile is associated with happiness, positive values ​​and joviality. But the opposite happened.

On average, participants said that smiling people were two years older than individuals shown with a neutral expression.

They rated people with expressions of surprise as the youngest of them all.

Researchers believe that the smile ends up attracting attention to wrinkles close to the eyes, while a look of surprise leaves the face more “stretched”.

Does smiling grow old? But who cares?

Before changing your profile photo on social networks, remember: it’s just a study. In fact, another study, from 2012, showed that people tend to decrease the age of smiling people. This is in comparison with neutral expressions.

The researchers themselves say the difference should not scare or make anyone smile less. After all, it’s just two more years.

Smile is still a way of showing to be friendly, cheerful and open to conversation or friendship.

In the same study, one question was asked of the participants: what they thought about the effect of facial expression on the perception of age. Of 40 people, 33 said they believe people look younger.

Only one participant said he leaves older people and six said they have no effect.

According to the researchers, this indicates that the participants in the experiment did not perceive the contradiction. What they said when viewing the photos does not match what they believe.

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