Risk for a Look (Even) more Seductive

Don’t know how to proceed? Learn how to use the pencil as a professional make-up artist Cristina Garcia’s advice, the favorite of many national celebrities.

In creating a look, the use of the pencil is the step that precedes the application of shadow and makes the most beautiful eyes contour. By clumsiness and because the results are not long lasting, many women end up skipping this gesture. Put into practice the tricks of make-up artist Cristina Gomes and be gorgeous in the blink of an eye. These are the advice of reputable expert who must take into account:


-Look smoky look

Make the risk on top, next to the lashes, and down on the inside of the eye, close your eyes tight for a few seconds to make a little, apply a shadow color dense in the upper and lower eyelids and obtain a make-up blur, ideal for use at night, recommends Cristina Garcia.

– Fix
To ensure that the risk remains unchangeable, apply the shadow on top of the dash, matificando it, advises the makeup Lady. Over the pencil, the shadow takes a stronger color, which gives a nice effect and helps secure the risk ‘, underlines the expert.

Pass the pencil at the roots of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid without leaving space between the risk and the eyelashes. The lower eyelid, scratch on the inside of the eye or in the root. «If you risk only on top, the upper eyelid is heavy. For balance, do the risk at the top and bottom and use the shadows from the top down ‘, also suggests Cristina Garcia.

– Color
Use a black pencil for an intense makeup and showy and one Brown for a more natural effect. «If you have light eyes is preferable to play by contrast and use colors that have a bit of red in your composition, as the brown-rust ‘, refers to a make-up artist.

– Versus pencil eyeliner
Unlike the pencil eyeliner you can’t blur. Maintains a risk set, heavy in terms of makeup and that doesn’t suit everyone. Requires precision and easily diluted with water, and should not be used in situations where you can cry. Never use eyeliner on a bride, says Cristina Garcia.

– Effect
If you use a dark pencil eye will appear more closed, which has advantages. By decreasing the height-eye the length increases, giving a brownish appearance. Use the pencil on the inside of the eye, the white will appear bigger and more open and round eye, explains.