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Anice interview with one of the Make Up Artist most loved by women to discover the secrets of the trade … and more!

“Stuff Women” interviewed you Queen of Make Up: Clio Zammatteo. Is known to us all as “Clio Make Up”, the Make Up Artist leading the eponymous program where Real Time helps women understand and use cosmetic products as apply to enhance their strengths. Clio has won the respect and the admiration of most Italian women also with his Youtube channel and related tutorials, through which dispenses useful advice Make up and offers ideas for tricks to show off on several occasions .”Stuff Women” has therefore asked reveal secrets of the trade… and not only!

Clio, which is the product of Make Up which, in your opinion, should never be lacking in a woman’s purse?

In my opinion, the only product that really should never be lacking in a woman’s purse is the checker because it helps to improve the appearance of the face: cover dark circles, pimples and even a little ‘of redness on the skin. It is a product always carry in your bag because, of all cosmetics that we put on the face in the morning, is the one that tends to wear off after a while ‘with the warmth of the skin.

There are colors that you would you recommend for those who have the light and the other for those who have eyes dark eyes?

I always suggest to try, dare and do not fixate on a single color because it’s boring always stick to a ‘unique solution. I do not consider that there are color “for blondes only” and other “just for more’, because for each color there are several intensity: the trick is to measure out the color, blend it with others and choose the “right tone” that is what we believe gives us more. I myself always use colors in different tutorial because then you have a chance to understand what we like best, what we like less, but you also can not understand that you can use all the colors: we just have to match them and with other sfumarli . The tutorials help the girls just to experiment.

There are colors that you would you recommend for work and others for your free time?

It depends on the type of work we do: if we are in contact with the public, if we work in the office… in general we try to be more natural during the day and for the work-with a thin layer of foundation and mascara – and dare to more at night when we go out to have fun!

How did your adventure in New York?

It began almost six years ago. I moved to New York to follow my husband Claudio who was to attend a Masters and I did not want to let him go alone because I do not believe much in long distance relationships. At that moment I was attending the IED and I missed a few months to complete. Just arrived in New York, I attended for three months an English course to learn the language then, given my passion for makeup and – encouraged by Claudio – I decided to enroll in a school of Make Up – the MUD. – I started attending in September. It is precisely at that moment that I begin to explore the world of Youtube in search of useful tutorials also because at that time my sister was getting married and wanted me to make her up for the ceremony! In fact she always he says: “I was one of the first to say that you could do it!”. Then my husband convinced me to post my first video on Youtube, also because at that time there was no Italian channel which proposed an ongoing basis tutorial: they were all sporadic videos. At first I was not so sure because I did not think that my tutorial could really enjoy the people watching them. After several months, I access my personal Facebook profile and find out that my husband had posted a link to my Youtube channel there too! Later people started to follow me, but at first they were about 100 or 200!

So it all started as a game?

Yes, it all started as a game and also to review the Make Up lessons that followed during the course. In the morning, between us trainees, we always truccavamo and evening I tried to redo one, maybe what I had proposed to my friend, also recording the related tutorial. Of course it is the field that really learn to apply what they teach you in school, and also to deal with things that you were not treated during the lessons.

There are some key tips you would give to women to avoid mistakes with the Make-up?

Not to overdo it :we make mistakes when we want to do “too much.” If we learn new things we should not have to apply them all together! So it is important to have a good base and always put a few products, do not overdo it with the earth, blush, concealers of too many types, pencil, lipstick, gloss, and so on.

At what age did you start to wear makeup? This is a question I often do women who come to you during the program on Real Time!

My first encounter with the trick took place when I was 12 years: my greatest friend than me – he was 13 but for us it was “the big one” who had more experience!- Tried to put on my mascara but I absolutely did not like how I was, I saw myself as a clown! So what was the first tragic encounter with makeup! Then, a year later, I started approcciarmi with colored pigments type bronze, gold… and I started using only those. I later found the brown pencil inside the eye and I remember that I liked it! Then I went on to other products.

How old did you say: “When I grow up I want to make the Make Up Artist”?

Very late because I did not think that the trick could become my job even though, starting with my 14 years, her friends came to me to wear makeup. My family has an ice cream shop and for generations this profession is passed down from mother to daughter: My grandmother was an ice cream vendor, my great-grandmother, my mother and then I have always thought that I would do this as great. Then, starting to work in the family ice cream shop, I realized that it is much more difficult than you might imagine, because I had always set a good example for others, showing more! So, then, he was presented with the opportunity to go to the IED and then to go to New York: now you know the rest!

How does it feel to be an icon of the Make Up and know that many women (many women) do you think a teacher to follow and admire?

Lucky. Lucky because in any case I do a job that is fantastic, but I can always be realistic and, above all, always myself. Especially at this time I feel lucky. I returned to New York 10 days after a month and a half spent in Italy, and I realized that I recently, after almost six years, I took it for granted even New York. But in these days, I looked around and was walking – it was in the evening so it was all lit up – I turned around and I saw from a distance to the Times Square and I said: “I am lucky”.

Clio is in touch with his fans through his Facebook page and his YouTube channel.

We at “Stuff Women” we wish you good luck, sure that his climb to success has just begun.