Spa at Home

Recipes and How to Make a Spa in Your Own Home

How To Make Homemade Spa Revenue   The first tip is a bath a day for three consecutive days a week, in case the low-astral is intense. Or at least once a week.

The basil bath should be done in the morning, as the herb excites, there are no contraindications. Anyone can take that shower. Oil free face Very oily skins, prone to blackheads and pimples, need special care. It is worth betting on a home-made herbal treatment based on tea tree, a powerful antiseptic and bactericidal. Separate a neutral exfoliating soap, tea tree essential oil, tea tree water, clay and an aloe vera facial gel.

Spa at Home
According to bestitude, how to make Spa at Home Cleaning and Treatment it’s part,   pass the exfoliating soap on the face with circular movements, especially at the affected points: forehead, nose and chin, also cleanse the neck and neck. Rinse and dry with tissues. Pour water boiling about two liters into a bowl and add five drops of tea tree oil. Hold the face on the steamer for 15 to 20 minutes to open the pores. Moisten two gases in the same water and remove the dead cells and the blackheads that have been released by the steam. Drop a drop of tea tree essential oil on a swab or cotton and pass over the most affected areas. Mask, and a bowl mix two shallow tablespoons of green clay or rain forest, helps to detoxify and give more tone to the skin, in addition to softening acne spots and heal-six tablespoons of mineral water and two drops of essential oil of tea tree. Mix well until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Before applying it to the face, soak three gases in separate mineral water in another bowl with a trickle of tea tree oil and place them on the face. Brush the clay paste over the gases and let the mask dry for 20 minutes. Take out the fumes and wipe the face with a cotton swab soaked in water with tea tree oil. Hydration   To soften and heal the skin, mix the amount of a coffee-spoon of aloe vera gel with a drop of tea tree oil or lavender if you prefer across the face and let it dry naturally.

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