Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract Skin Care

It’s called Acmella oleracea and its use is fairly widespread in South America as a remedy for toothache. In the West we have recreated as a powerful painkiller but the uses of this plant does not stop there.

Not every silver lining”

When a toothache took the anthropologist Francoise Fredman who was in Amazonia, at a downward tribes of the Incas, in a remote and foggy forest, no dentist was present to ease her pain, but the natives had a remedy ready to submit the whose effects were miraculous.

It was a mysterious plant with yellow flowers that made ​​disappear completely the pain felt by our anthropologist. This herb, then baptized Acmella oleracea, became a potent analgesic used in Western medicine.

Only recently, however, it was discovered that the plant is not only a great painkiller, but rather also a great anti-wrinkle natural! Yes, just like Botox, the lifting effect is guaranteed.
And so women from all over the world have been purchasing online the extract of this plant (but is also found in herbal medicine) and mixing it with hyaluronic acid, Argan oil and other miraculous substances have been let loose in creating concoctions from wrinkle low price!

Now, apart from the dubious success of the above potions (hopefully they did not damage!), You know what is due to the lifting effect of this exotic plant? By spilantolo, a substance very similar to carisoprodol, a synthetic chemicals used to relax the muscles. Not only: it appears that the plant has a positive effect on the collagen lattice and aid to firm the skin over time.

Interesting right? I am of the opinion that we should lean more to these natural solutions for the chemical… when possible of course. What do you think? Comment below!