Summer Beauty The Best Lipstick In Nude Tones

A resourceful make up artist once whispered: “your lips are slightly crooked, when you’re wearing so red lipstick, you need to use lip liner, otherwise the somehow stayed out. see” Zack boom, the complex was born and that, even though I knew it long ago that in my face as well as anything symmetrical has grown, even in the middle of my mouth not tooth Groove located , but an entire tooth – that stands out but only when I am very quiet and not talk, which is why I tend to talk a lot.

Anyway, I was looking for after unintentional brain washing long for an alternative which should conjure up full lips and a little more glow in the Antlitzt me without much wow effect. On the funnel with the “nude” end color lipstick I came very late, the devil knows why, it now belongs to the inventory of handbags however firmly. Especially in the summer – there is finally little desire to pay attention to kleckernde colors.

My two favorites, with one more honest way must say that MAC looks a little fabulous, after a few hours but it tends, the lips something to dry out. I have therefore in the case of the case always a small S.O.S.-tube “8 hour cream” by Elizabeth Arden at:

Sans Souci “hot chocolate” & MAC “taupe”.
More nude girlfriends recommended:

Manhattan, loreal, lavera, dior, bobby brown, clarins.

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