Tell Me How Are Your Nails, and Tell Your Personality

Personality tests are very popular and we can find them in any style, the lines of the hands, the shape of the head, but the history of the personality test is no more scientific than that, for the year 1860 was born a tendency to try to measure almost any feature of the human psyche through their representation in different things this was not an invention of someone ignorant simply was a way for wing demand response that is him toward a psychology practice to answer questions specific, then began to associate things with elements of the personality to be measured and to register, the Cattel Mckeen psychologist, it is known as founder of the diagnostic tests, because with his book Mental tests and measurements began a fruitful branch of study.

Personality test according to the shape of your nails!More than that today remains a very attractive the fact of being able to predict already is the characteristics of the personality or execution on different ideas

, the human being has always been the concern to be able to predict and control the future, nice isn’t it? well some more effective than others, or ones more effective for some than others rather the test take over Internet and social networks, resulting very engaging and fun, this is one of them, and as all tests of this kind to some come as ring finger, see your personality through your nail shape , I find much to my so here on Gametate is to see how it goes with you.

I do not think of truth and believe me that is that I speak that this test may be less serious that Rorschach test but each one with their own ideas and beliefs. We are going to have a little fun

Personality test according to the shape of your nails!

Long and square

If this is the shape that has the tip of your fingers you are someone very sociable, the word is one of your gifts, also you are someone very smart. Meet people and socialize is one of your major gifts, and best of all your mind is very open so you’ll not preconceived, analytical and creative ideas before undertaking any project you evaluate all the possibilities with a lot details, you cast to the work with the idea of being successful.

Wide and flat.

Very honest personality, you evaluate and has a high degree of intuition, believe it or not you can predict with accuracy the personality and the limits of those who try, you are someone who has the ability to solve problems. As you are a handy person always find the easiest way of solving problems, not stay with little, like you get involved in challenges.

Short and round.

Personality overwhelming, energetic, determined, creative, and talented, are one of those people who radiates positive energy and that who all come, great friend loyalty is one of your most important features a friend only to defend death to those who love, a little impulsive.

Short and irregular.

Anxious it is possible that your nails are the target of your anxieties a little unstable and very cautious, although apparently you’re very quiet there is a storm inside you.

Rectangular and with volume.

Leader, like you lead others a very dedicated to work and demanding personality, you strive to be the best, and really do it since you’re very perfectionist, very cheerful and with high doses of happiness, everyone wants to be next to you.


Risky brave anything you want will be able to obtain it’s tenacious and very focused, personality tactical develop plans that are usually very well prepared and have a very good success rate with great ease.

Long and oval.

Creative, you generate a world of ideas, you’re able to see what for others is not possible, all looking for you when you need help, in the work of team usually are that more work, because your concentration levels, you are able to enter into a trance until is completed an objective or goal is reached.

Rare cuticles

To sum up not only your nails are different, also your personality, you are unique and original and find the return for all your gift, in a job will be that black sheep who thinks different and this can become your best attribute.


Feel great coincidences between the nail and the personality, I have started to compare the nails of all my friend and is incredible did that like you for you?