The Beauty Secret of the French

As far as beauty is concerned, a nation is, as you know, very far ahead:France. But what beauty secret do French women have in contrast to others? Beauty expert Mathilde Thomas knows it – first hand.

Caroline de Maigret, Clémence Poésy, Laetitia Casta – one more beautiful than the other.The skin is smooth, the hair shiny, the body taut.But what is the beauty secret of the French?In her book “The French Beauty Solution” Mathilde Thomas gives tips for radiant beauty – and you definitely do not have to come out of the land of love.

1. The Beauty Secret of the French for Radiant Skin

A radiant complexion – no matter how little sleep you had and how stressful the job is at the moment – every woman desires.Only a few have it, but not without reason.Because the genes are the one, the proper care is the other.And here everyone can do something good for his skin.Mathilde Thomas advocates, for example, foods rich in antioxidants.These include herbal teas, whole grain products, olive oil, grapes with kernels, legumes, tomatoes and jute!- Red wine.All these foods contain essential fatty acids that protect the skin from aging, dehydration and weather influences, reported by programingplease.

Also important:protect the skin with sun protection factor from the sun – even in winter. This not only prevents sunglasses, but also prevents aging phenomena. When buying creams and foundations, pay attention to the appropriate UV protection and the ingredients. Natural oils stimulate cell renewal and prevent wrinkles.

2. Tips for shiny hair

Beautiful hair is an important factor for a great charisma. But what is the beauty secret of the French? Surprise:The pretty neighbors do not make much brimborium around the hair care. Frequent washing? Much too elaborate and stressful for the hair. Instead, dry shampoo is often used. Occasional citrus and rosemary oils also stimulate hair growth. Simply massage into the hair, let it soak for 20 minutes and wash out. By the way, you can also do something for your mat at lunch, because zinc, taurine and catechin as a dietary supplement make your hair beautiful.

3. This is what the traumbody does

Diets are not an option for them.The beauty secret of the French instead: drink a lot, because water and co. Sate finally also a bit.The portions are automatically reduced when eating.A trick, which hardly anyone knows: chew thoroughly.This produces enzymes in the saliva which also push the feeling of saturation.And by the way, this is also good for digestion.

For a beautiful body, the French also swear by tasty main meals according to the motto:Eat what is worth eating.Fast food does not count to a delicious dessert à la Mousse au Chocolat.So you also prevent hot showering between.

The women in beautiful France do not come to their traumbody without movement. Instead of a strict fitness workout, however, workstations are on foot and – oho! – Sex on the program.The latter is not only fun and good for a slim line, but also promotes blood circulation and ensures relaxation.What is better after a stressful day at work?

4. Facial massages and detox cure

In order to ban toxins from the body, regular detox cures are recommended.Particularly suitable for this are grapes, because these contain particularly many minerals, salts, E-vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as prevent the body from over-acidifying.The detoxification course lasts three days.In this time you eat only grapes – in whatever form.There’s tea, water or grape juice, of course.After the cure you can look forward to radiant skin.Regular facial massages improve the effect by the way, because they simply float the water from the body.

5. The beauty secret of the French: make-up and hairstyle

Another beauty secret of the French is concerned with cosmetics and hairstyle: the “headline” is pragmatically the motto here.Colorfully dressed and elaborately dressed – hardly anybody in France.Instead, a light foundation, concealer, some powder and a touch of Rouge suffice.The hairs wear the French ladies rather wild and open, than perfectly styled.In the evening it goes to the bed with wet hair and cuddled in the morning cuddled out of the house.If something goes wrong with the Natural look, simply a Dutt is made.