The Beauty Secret of the Spaniards

Temperamental, graceful, fiery – we need to know more about the beauty secrets of the Spanish women. Who wants to look as radiant as Penélope Cruz and Co., may now be curious.

Real Spanish women know the beauty secrets of their country women.Luckily, there are some who betray them.Here you will find an overview of the best tips and tricks with which the Southlanders keep themselves in focus and make their skin radiate.

Sara Carner knows what Spaniards love

The director of the Perfume Manufactory Carner Barcelona comes from Catalonia and knows the beauty secrets of the Spanish women.She knows: Tradition is being written with them.That is why they are mainly natural foods, which give them a radiant complexion.The expert confided in a conversation with “girlfriend” that in the fight against eye rings gladly potato slices are used.Spaniards planted two thin slices of tuber and put them on their closed lids for about ten minutes.Their effect is very diverse: the shadows are diminished and swellings are sounding.

In order to stand out from the crowd and to give the hair a soft and discreet redness, the southern landers also count on the power of nature.Some ladies just mix half a cup of cranberry juice with half a cup of water and give the mix after washing over their hair.Do not rinse.In the sun, great light reflexes emerge and the mane is at the same time still cultivated.Brilliant!

Penélope Cruz unveils beauty secrets of the Spanish women

But Sara Carner is not the only one to introduce us to the wide world of beauty secrets of Spanish women. Penélope Cruz, who is without doubt one of the most beautiful ladies in our planet, explains what she can not do without. At the top of their list for makellose beauty is the classic:water. She reports that a coach told her one day to drink more than 1.5 liters of water a day – and she has been convinced since then. Your skin is more radiant, it keeps your dream weight lighter and it just feels fitter.

In addition, the actress also takes care to get enough sleep.She tries to lie in the feathers nine hours a day.Surely not all people need so much sleep, but if you want to orientate yourself to the beauty secrets of the Spanish, you should be careful to practice in peace.For: In the low-sleep phases the body produces estrogen, which provides the skin with moisture.

Shining hair

The Spaniards are not infrequently envied for their full and powerful hair. Penélope Cruz can also look forward to a beautiful whale mare. Your beauty secret:Spaniards love to massaging the shampoo in the hair .To do this, they bring together the index finger and the middle finger and slowly spin over the scalp.Not too gentle, they are already exerting pressure, so that the circulation is properly stimulated.In addition, the muscles relax and the scalp is relaxed according to

Social and sporting radiate from the inside

In addition, Penélope Cruz loves to combine sport and meeting with friends.Together with her beloved, she enjoys climbing the bike and taking a trip to the sea.Or she uses a kayak, exchanges and admires the environment.Sport should have nothing to do with duties, finds the Aktrice – it combines the beauty with the practical.

In addition, she attaches great importance to her hands, which are now the business card of every woman.Unfettered fingers or dry skin can be looked for in vain.At least once a week, she treats a manicure and grooms her hands daily with a rich cream.