The Best Tricks to Put Base

A base serves to cover and standardize all the imperfections of the face, giving a really smooth, uniform complexion and prettier.

How many times have I passed by some woman and saw the mark of background highlighted? Outside the who put so much product that you know that if you put the your finger was a hole. Well, what can be perfect and check out a gorgeous complexion can easily do the opposite effect.

When buying a base it is essential to follow some rules so that not be throwing money away or having an unwanted result. Nevertheless, it is essential that can apply the best way to obtain a uniform and beautiful face. Know what are …

-Choose 3 bases that you think will work (3 formulas or 3 different brands), make 3 horizontal scratches on her cheek and choose what best fits you and you’re looking for in terms of brightness, lightness, coverage, etc. .. Then choose similar tones 3 the brand chosen and pass on the Chin line up next to your ear. The best fit to your skin tone is the elected;
-Ideally, to keep the base all day, is to put the same for layers, i.e. put thin layers so that they accommodate some the other. Apply it with a wet sponge, in order to keep the thin and light formula, allow to dry for 30 seconds and then repeat until you get the desired coverage. The same should be applied to the center of the face and go spreading toward the hairline. This will cause the skin to become more uniform in the Center, since it is the area that most needs, and leave a very faint tone next to the hair;
-To stay with a radiant, bright and natural look, but not oily, mix in a facial serum with hyaluronic acid;
-If you need to use a broker to apply even after the base. This will help you both to mix evenly.