The Ministry of Health Warns: Cut Hair Vitiates

Who knows or accompany me in said networks “social” know that since January 2013 I have an addiction called: cut hair. Since then, I’ve had short hair in different lengths, only because I am not boyish eared and not ready to leave my free wags like to society.

When I cut my hair was in the middle of the back and heard things like “You are crazy????” “You do not feel going lack???” “What courage”. Good, crazy for me is to spend 2 million overdraft and courage is to ask payroll loan chief bank to buy clothes. Otherwise, hair is just hair and grows. And how to grow when you cut, serious, a month is enough for me to cut back but I generally safe to wave for a couple, three months to pass the scissors.

And on Saturday I claaaaro cut again, my last cut was on June 14, and has grown a lot in that time, was already on the shoulder and to me that’s the limit. In fact, it covered the nape I get impatient. But this time cut shorter in the front (always used to leave longer) and I’m wondering too is people, even who’s used to cut, like me strange when change is a little more radical.

Well, I understand perfectly well who is attached to the long hair, also find beautiful, but cut is too good and who is already addicted to it know what I’m saying. Short hair is so powerful and sexy as a long because it all comes from within, so if you have desire, do not be afraid, goes the scissors! Look for a hairdresser you trust and go slowly. I was radical, cut a 10 fingers on the can and now it’s getting shorter. I do not know if he would long again, like a lot more of me now, and is easy to care for, have day or comb hahahaha. Well, for those who did not follow my timeline of hair in this one and a half, confer.

I’m in love that my last cut ♥ but have already hit the fire and I cut again! hahaha

I hope you enjoyed!