The Most Beautiful Spring Looks

Admittedly, spring is not everywhere at its best.Right now on the Easter days, the season could have times together. Instead: gray clouds, wind and rain – and in some regions even snow.

So that our feelings of spring will not fade again, we resist the changing weather with cheerful and fresh colors: we present the most beautiful beauty looks of the luxury brands (which are by the way also suitable for a last minute Easter present …)

“The Birds and the Bees” by Burberry

Inspired by the runway collection of the same name this year is the spring look “The Birds and the Bees” by Burberry. While fashionable fabrics such as silk and tulle meet the same materials as high-gloss leather, pastel shades alternate with cosmetics with strong shades. Particularly cool are the Wet & Dry Silk Shadows, which can be used in two ways. In the dry application the colors give a subtle, rather natural look. The dampening application provides more color-intensive eyeballs.

“Garden Escape” by Clarins

Like a walk through a dreamy garden, the new spring collection of Clarins is a must. The French brand is very subtle in terms of color palette. Particularly beautiful is the rouge, which conjures only a touch of color on the cheeks. A small highlight of the collection is the limited edition “Garden Escape Palette Yeaux 6 Colors”. Small flowers adorn the eyeshadow.

“Kingdom of Colors” by Dior

A kingdom for these colors! At Dior, this spring is all about strong to pastel tones. It is really fun to paint through different nuances. The star product is the night-time palette with textures for the complexion, the eyes and the lips. As a tribute to the 18th century, loved by Christian Dior, the pallet is characterized by a personal coat of arms of the couturier. The same is also true of the noble eyeshadows.

“Desire of Day” by Yves Saint Laurent

A mixture of skirt and pastel – quasi dressed in leather boots – so you have to imagine the new makeup spring collection “Desire of Day” by Yves Saint Laurent on The star of the Spring look is the “Couture Palette Collector”. Here black meets pink, shimmering gold brown on champagne tones. The lips are now made in strong red with YSL, the nails – as with the “Lacque Couture No. 58 Night Blanche” – in white with diamond dust. Maybe more for the spring evening than for the spring day.

“Master Sun” by Giorgio Armani

What does everyone need to look so colorful in spring? Correct! The perfect spring garden. And this year, Giorgio Armani supplies with the collection “Maestro Sun”. The Bronzer “Maestro Liquid Summer”, which conjures a warm complexion, is currently available in two new nuances. The “fluid sheers”, which are applied to the cheekbones and optionally also as rouge, promise a sunny “glow”.