The Right Lipstick for Blondes

Discover the right lipstick for blondes it is no longer a problem! Follow our advice to find out which is the hue that best matches your hair color.

Platinum blonde, ash or natural every shade of color goes perfectly shades of lipstick, let them.

The shades of pink lipstick are perfect for Blondes, because it can make the face even brighter: light pink is perfect for women with light blonde hair, while shades like peach, mixed with a touch of clear gloss, are ideal for the Golden blonde. This latest shade of hair tends to marry perfectly with lipsticks that fade on beige or tending to Brown.

Brown is also recommended for women with blond hair darker, for which you should also have a pink lipstick tending to brick to achieve a look defined but still feminine. Accompanied cables and light pink floral dresses with a lipstick (if not clear!) to complete an outfit definitely romantic and delicate.

Women with hair platinum blonde might even venture a deep red; However, we suggest to use this color so strong only if your eye is not excessive, it is important to avoid a makeup too marked that could turn out to be vulgar according to picktrue.

Although not recommended for blondes overdo the dark colors, for an evening of extravagant and in accordance with a dark look, dark lipsticks are recommended as the brick color or even a total black, dark shades that surely will enhance the complexion and light hair.

Essential for girls with blonde hair is the lipstick of a Red decided, needed to take in the beauty: you choose the shade that best suits your complexion. For example, a cherry or Scarlet lipstickcreates an interesting contrast between the complexion “Nordic” and sensual lips. The same effect is also given by the coral and the bright red that tends to suit all types of Blondes, are preferable for the evening accompanied by a delicate make-up on the eyes always well marked by the pencil!

Finally, if you are planning to dye your hair, follow our tips to choose the lipstick for more and define your beauty also taking care of your hands with the spring nail art!