Thierry Mugler Womanity: Taste Eau De Parfum and Perfumed Body Milk

When a fragrance is of Thierry Mugler: all vials have a design out of the ordinary. After successful launches Angel and Alien, the French designer is inspired by a world of feminine contrasts that has resulted in her new female perfume: Womanity.

The concept of Womanity It is something global, not only affects its latest fragrance but rather the fragrance is the result of his new idea of work. Thinking about the mixing of different types of women, either by his strong character, a delicate femininity or a warrior spirit will better understand the why of the fragrance and the bottle.

It is not the same to see a picture to give you an artistic explanation of it: you get to see it and understand it. So it is with this bottle of clear glass with delicate pink liquid that contrasts with that woman’s face with few friends. When I first saw it I collided.

Olfactory Womanity contrast: the sweet and the savory

In keeping with this contrast, the Womanity olfactory notes they are the result of the whim of the sweet and the savory. It has an output of Fig (sweet), a note from the heart of caviar (salty) to not leave anyone indifferent. As a note of background, wood, and fig leaf.

A curious detail is the hollow stopper: you can turn it into a ring. Don’t do as I that I put on the finger, could not take it off and walked home with the bottle hanging finger: uses the plier once do finished the Eau de Parfum.

My opinion about fragrance

I’m not floral (like Guerlain Insolence or Tresor de Lancome) sweet fragrances but the sweet fruit notes Yes I like them (for example, Sea & Sun of Dalí or the missing Aqua Allegoria Groseille). The output of Womanity has that sweet sugar that makes you think of a red fruit cake. It has spark and isn’t cloying.

I don’t like to read the olfactory notes before testing perfumes: I like the surprise when later the leo in the enclosed booklet or on the official website. Now I know what fruit is: the ripe and fresh fig. I love it.

You can not say that you know to appreciate the caviar note because, even now that I know, I don’t smell it. No, not smells fishy! After a minute, the Eau de Parfum has already evolved and decreases the sugary note. Subtracts a warmer scent through the Woods, discrete but with force. Ideal for summer or for women who don’t want a garish perfume.

I like how the scented bath products! The scented milk Womanity is sensational. First by its fragrance: take some note of fig, forget about the wood and add a touch of coconut. That is what smells my skin right now. The aroma given off is reminiscent of a gentle tropical tanning product.

The texture is the best if you are looking for a milk light body Moisturiser for the summer. Is ultra-light, almost perfumed water. Obviously it is absorbed immediately and has a very nice refreshing touch. The aroma remains in the skin long time (this my manager was confirmed by me when I walked into his office). If you have very dry skin, the texture you know little.

A great plus that should be more vials of perfumes of all brands is that is refillable: The Eau de Parfum spray unscrews and you can use the bottle with whatever you want. In the photo above you can see the detail of the CAP moisturizing milk: easy to use, don’t need to screw and unscrew. He also wears the face of woman womanity chiseled design.