To Do Hair Highlights at Home: California Excellence

A lot of people loves to take care of their beauty at home.

The great advantage of the “do it yourself” at home is that you do in your own time, without delays (as occurs in many salons) and is more economical. Not to mention that nowadays you can find amazing products on the market.

The cosmetics industry is focusing on this type of crowd.

For those who want to change the look, do hair highlights can be a good start. And, if you could make hair highlights at home? Like the idea?

Those who love blonde hair will love this news.

L’Oreal has just released the Imédia Californian Excellence, that is for those who want to do the famous California Wicks in place. The model Isabelli Fontana is the spokesperson of this ink for hair.

The California Wicks is an excellent alternative to whitening of the wire for those who want to change the look. Is a type of whitening lights up the face and ensures a more youthful countenance.

The idea of L’Oreal is to bring convenience and quality in the process of dyeing hair at home. Dyeing yarn with blond, deriving in a light gradient and without brands, according to mark.

The main innovation is that this Californian Imédia kit comes with a “brush expert” which was developed to make the California lights and bring a more uniform result.

The light kit is available in 4 colors:

  • Paragraph 1 – dark brown and black hair
  • Paragraph 2 – for medium to dark brown hair
  • Paragraph 3 – for light to medium brown hair
  • Paragraph 4 – for light to dark blonde hair

Can we make the lights Ombré Hair with this kit? Quite possible, huh?

The product can be found in the main stores of beauty products. The suggested retail price is R$ 25.90.

It seems that this is the week of hair dye in the beauty market. Have you ever had to the Garnier Olia!

It remains to be seen whether the California lights are beautiful? Who use, share the experience!