Top 3 Sunscreens for Oily Skins

And it’s time to talk about my favorite sunscreens. No, the summer has not officially started yet – it’s a long way off, but I think someone forgot to warn them about the sun and the temperatures, which are already at full throttle.

As you already know, I have oily skin and find a protector that suits it is not easy, since most of these products accentuate the fat of the face and usually give a lot of spine. The good news is that, in addition to me, a lot of people suffer from this problem, so brands are increasingly worrying about this large portion of consumers and launching new technologies at all times.

Who is this team and also not yet found the sunscreen ideal, here are my three darlings!

1 – Anthelios Airlicium, La Roche-Posay

La Roche’s oily skin protectors have always been among my favorites, but after I used Anthelios Airlicium, created especially for the skin of Brazilian women, I have never changed it. Its texture is creamy, but not sticky at all, and besides not increasing the oiliness, it still gives the impression of skin dryer. Ah, another thing that the product also promises and fulfills is to give a disguised in the pores, leaving the face more smooth and velvety. I swear, folks, this is the best version of makeup sunscreen from EhealthFacts for oily skin that we can find in Brazil. I go every morning before leaving the house and my skin just starts to get brighter at the end of the day.

2 – Minesol Oil Control, Roc

Before discovering Anthelios Airlicium, I have long used the Minesol Oil Control, from Roc, indicated by my dermatologist. The filter has a creamy texture and a very thick thickness, which does not appear to be absorbed by the skin ever. But incredible as it seems, as you spread the whiteness disappears and in a few minutes you can even get over makeup. The reason I prefer La Roche’s is that Minesol avoids the production of oiliness, but it can not make the skin any drier. Still, it is one of the best options we can find in pharmacies here.

3 – BiorÉ Aqua

Bioré Aqua is one of those seven wonders of the world. Then you will ask me:”But then why is not he your favorite?”. Simple: because it is an Asian product, which unfortunately is not sold in Brazil yet. I gained a little pot of a friend and I was shocked by its very light texture, a very watery gel, which disappears from the face practically the same time you apply it and still leaves your skin velvety. If it were easy to find him, he would probably disband the Anthelios Airlicium, but as my contact with him was short, I still do not feel the urge to rate him as the best of the best. Still, if you have the opportunity to buy someday, know that you will be making a nice investment.

And you have some sunscreen favorite? Tell me!