Truth About Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite is the number one enemy to be fought for many donne.Ma of all treatments that claim to be miraculous, which actually work?
Cellulite is a serious matter , and although the majority of men admits to not to even notice the orange peel, women’s wildlife is very attentive to this kind of anti-aesthetic defect.We all, mind you. Even skinny, even the models, even the starlets … varies the size and quantity of the type of life you lead but also by genetics. This problem can be hidden, but in spite of diets and physical exercises, fatigue will really cared.

There are hundreds of anti-cellulite treatments that support the miraculousness of their intervention and it is always hard to know whether it is worth invest money and effort or you are just false hopes. The plastic surgeon Anthony Yun, very popular among celebrities overseas, points out that there is no real magic cure for cellulite, but reassures that some options definitely help to mask the problem. But what?!?

  • Creams, gels, serums: all treatments that claim to firm the skin and break up the fat through the use of ingredients such as vitamin A, caffeine or black tea. This type of treatment is effective, to hide the problem, only if used consistently along with a healthy diet and exercise. There is currently a cream dream that will eliminate cellulite permanently, with a couple of applications.
  • Bandages:Whether homemade or made ​​into a Spa, the combination of minerals and herbs applied to the skin with the help of compression wraps, stimulate the fat cells to remove waste and toxins from the pores, eliminating swelling of the bearings . But to remove cellulite, also this method is not sufficient. You can occur at most a slight reduction.
  • Anti-cellulite pills:most of the pills contain extracts from grape seed, clover extracts or fatty acids that work to reduce fat accumulation and restore skin elasticity. The pills, however, ingested orally, are distributed throughout the body not only to a localized area such as the buttocks or thighs. Also some of the elements using the shell have different side effects such as headache, nausea, increased risk of liver disease. A pill that really worked would be far too good to
  • Massaging machines:

using rollers and aspirations, trying to increase the pace of circulation, restoring the collagen functions, expelling the accumulation of water. There are household machines or machines that are at the doctor’s office. But the cellulitis is not eliminated through massage, but with this type of treatment is simply redistribute the fat reserves in a different area of the body.

  • Laser:through the use of a painless laser, the levels of fat under the skin melt and the production of collagen gives a less swollen. This type of treatment is the most effective available to get rid of cellulite, because once the fat melts is eliminated by the lymph nodes. They have at least 8 treatments needed to see the results and each session has a very high cost.
  • Liposuction:is an invasive procedure that removes excess fat from a particular area of the body. It still remains the best option to get rid of fat, but not however affect the tissue near the top of the skin that causes cellulite, so the effect of holes remain the high possibility of recurrence.

Perhaps one of the best methods is still the most natural, that teaches Mom: drink plenty of water (at least 2 liter a day) to eliminate excess water retention, making movement (just a walk for an hour) and true balanced diet and poor of salt (the number one enemy for the appearance of cellulite)