Truth Behind Lipstick

The lipstick is the cosmetic most loved by women. But perhaps you do not know these 15 fun facts about its history and its use in the world. Discover them now!

Like all women, too often you wear lipstick, but probably do not know a few things about its history.

Perhaps you believe that it is a newly invented cosmetic, to this day, but you’ll find that dates back to ancient times.

The lipstick has always played a fundamental role in relations between men and women, mainly due to its great importance in highlighting the charm of the lips. E ‘was even considered scandalous put it in public, or just to wear in everyday life, which is why its use has often been prohibited.

But even today there are some truths about its composition and its use around the world that will astound you, because they are not well known to consumers.

Find out now many interesting sights on the cosmetic world’s favorite!

1. When was the lipstick?

The lipstick has been used since prehistoric times, although with natural preparations based on minerals, fruits and plants, to protect lips from the sun’s rays.

In Mesopotamia they were built the first lipsticks real, with the dust of precious stones and sometimes with poisonous substances such as mercury.

Throughout antiquity were worn by both men and women, to emphasize their high social status.

2. Even in the afterlife

Egypt lipstick was so loved that the women were buried with it . The favorite colors were magenta, blue black and orange, in addition to the classic red.

3. The magical and healing lipstick

The Queen Elizabeth introduced the red lipstick in England, in 1500, and realized her lipstick alone, mixing cochineal (red bugs), egg white, milk and fig tree sap.

He believed, like many people of the time, that lipstick was magical and depart death, so I often wore ill, and finally even at the moment of his last breath.

4. Lipstick as women empowerment

In the early 1900s the suffragettes wore red lipstick as a symbol of their struggle for the emancipation of women and to demand the right to vote. The effect of the demonstrations was scandalous for its time.

5. Lipstick as a necessity

Women from some cultures it is not allowed to appear in public without a very heavy make-up, such as in Japan for geishas.

6. Better oral hygiene lipstick!

In 1950 98% of American women wore lipstick, while only 96% are daily brushing his teeth! The use of lipstick was more widespread than that of the brush!

7. An important part of our lives

A woman uses an average of 4 kg of lipstick in a lifetime, spending about $ 1,780 to buy this cosmetics.

8. Effect lipstick

Bad weather and the economic crisis are increasing sales of lipsticks : give yourself a gift uplifts the mood: is the “lipstick effect.”

9. The lipstick is addictive

65% of women use lipstick every day, and 25% of them can not leave the house without having worn .

10. Feeling good

90% of women who wear lipstick do because it makes them feel good, not to please men.

The 82% of women feel less confident in the workplace or a romantic date if not wearing her favorite lipstick.

11. Fatal Attraction

For a man watching a woman with a lipstick in warm colors unconsciously refers to the idea of fertility, health and ovulation .

It is for this reason that they find a woman with the most attractive lipstick, and watch it up to three times longer than a woman who wears it.

12. What does the lipstick?

The lipsticks still contain substances derived from animals such as cochineal red by some insects and essences from pearly scales of the fish, but also animals and beeswax to increase durability fat.

Obviously vegan lipsticks have within them these substances.

 13. Never enough

How many lipsticks do you own? A 2010 survey says that 40% of women owns over 20 different!

14. We use it all?

Each year are thrown away only 10% of lipsticks that are no longer used. We also like to keep them from rancid!

5% of our lipsticks ends of glasses, coffee cups, bottles of water and cups of takeaway paper, another 5% remains of knives, forks and spoons at the time of eating, while 15% is lost in the discharges when we take a shower or brushing your face.

The 30% of our lipsticks instead we find the inside of our stomach , especially when it comes to lipsticks from appetizing tastes, which often lead us licking our lips.

15.Il highest first lipstick in the world

The most expensive in the world is lipstick KissKiss Gold and Diamonds by Guerlain, which costs $ 62.000!

It is made ​​with 110 grams of 18k gold and 199 diamonds, in 15 exclusive colors, and is refillable (at least!).

There’s also the basic version, without all the extra luxury trappings, which you can see in the picture.