Types of Brow Lift Procedures

To have a look at the top and a look that captures, the first step is to redefine the eyebrows. Those gullwing are depopulating between the star and we offer you how to implement them in very few moves!

The eyebrows are a real obsession when it comes to beauty and make-up !

Edit them, define them, fix them compulsively is one of the activities practiced by us women.

Have nice eyebrows, which emphasize the eye with a harmonic shape, that give depth to the look and make it seductive, it is not a trivial matter.

Indeed, it is one of the most important things if we want to enhance our appearance.

But most of the time, it happens that the results are not what you need, especially if we act in our own way, sometimes wild!

We are accustomed to act at random, without respecting the right proportions to delineate the best, always tossed between fashion and the other and often victims of questionable choices after following this or that trend.

Outlined, thin, thick, rounded, curved, straight or gullwing. Or colored like these:

Today we talk about the gullwing, which have taken hold in recent years and are highly popular among the star . And we sometimes like to be like them, at least a little ‘!

The wisest thing would be to consult a professional in the field, for a matter of precision and for an opinion on the form to choose.

But if you are courageous, armed with a little ‘patience, a good deal of manual dexterity and some nifty tool : you can try the DIY !

To have a look Parade we have identified for you three simple steps: discover them, or rather, follow them.

We did it.

And  here , the perfette sopracciglia!

1. Adapt To Us?

Before placing hands, it would be appropriate if they fit the features of our face.

For this, we are interested in the opinion of a beautician: let them give us the final verdict, and then proceed.

If we have the eyebrows too thick, you need to tell us if they are suitable to be shrunken.

If, on the contrary, are too thin, let us help with templates that are found in the kits.

We try to have the right proportions cleaning external areas to the shape and raising the bow.

If an error occurs, do not worry, we will fill in the gaps with a pencil the same shade of the eyebrows.

2. We pay Attention To Lines

To draw the line in the best need to start from ‘ inside of the eye, making sure that there is the correct vertical correspondence with the outer part of the nostrils.

To do this, take a pencil and place it between the outer and the inner nostril: the point on the root of the eyebrow which will position the pencil, will be the ideal place to start.

We continue with a straight line until it reaches the point of maximum height of the arc, which will be located at about 2/3 of the overall length of the eye.

So, to understand what will be the point where you will have to arch our eyebrows, we rotate the pencil until the end of the pupil.

At this point the final part determines moving downwards, ie by rotating the pencil in the eye outside corner correspondence.

In this last area, one that combines the eye to the temple, we’re going to taper gradually to get the tip of our wing.

3. We define Forms

With the help of a pair of tweezers, which is undoubtedly the most precise tool with which to work, we model the eyebrows.

We eliminate unwanted hair, who are usually between the two eyes and the so-called “wing”, ie the bottom line toward the temple.

We adjust the length combing his eyebrows up and with the help of scissors cut the ends we believe to be too long.

We fill any sparse areas with a pencil of a shade not very dark compared to our natural color and finally, as if it were a real crease fix with the gel.

4. Let’s Make Up To

The eyebrows, perhaps for lack of time, are often overlooked but have a substantial if it is to donate the right harmony to our face.

Awarded the form of gull-wing we just have to finish with a perfect make up!

These eyebrows give sensuality to the look and to make it really magnetic and seductive opt for shades of very dark eye shadow such as purple, green, brown, midnight blue or gray, that will be perfect to create a smokey eyes intense and nuanced to balance with neutral tones and matte  that we will use for the lips.

Look for one that is less catlike, our gull-wing eyebrows blend perfectly well with make up extremely natural, almost invisible.

Finally, abbiniamole a beautiful hairdo!