Types of Makeup Products

Many people think that to be beautiful and have great products in their small necessity bag, need to be rolling in money, in fact, that’s a sorry common good of many women, who attend various places the same lipstick and a makeup already tired of war, and this extends to hair, a lot of people don’t treat properly their wires to find that only expensive products or from the land of Obama or any part of Europe are good… because yes, but things have changed, times have changed, the world spun and keeps turning and today what no shortage are well into account options that fit in your pockets for tighter than any woman can parade around kicking ass, and that’s what we’re going to show, some items of makeup and hair that has a super precinho buddy and that of course, you don’t have to go out buying everything, but gradually you can go shopping for assembling a necessaries Diva!

Types of Makeup Products

Items of makeup and hair care good and cheap

Makeup items: handkerchiefs

Make Up Remover wipes, Oceane Female, R$ 7.50 *
Small and efficient, removing makeup anytime and anywhere.

Cleaning tissues Express, L’Oreal Paris, R$ 19.90 *
Cleans, tones and leaves skin refreshed. And still fits in any bag!

3:00 pm 1 wipes, Nivea, R$ 20.90 *
They are super moisturizing, refresh and remove even waterproof makeup.

Items: brushes

Brush nº 6, Ariana, for sale in Ludovicus, R $ 14 *
This brush makes it possible to apply the shadow evenly.

Brush Brown 9, Klass Vough, R$ 25.90 *
Can be used to apply eyeliner or to correct flaws in the eyebrows.

Items: correctives

BB Cream, L ‘ Oreal Paris, R$ 29.90 *
He became the darling of those who love natural and uniform skin.

Impeccable Cover concealer, Eudora, R$ 27.50 *
The formula has great coverage and fast drying.

Items: pencil

Vintage Yellow Pencil, Vult, R$ 11.50 *
Stored in makeup case and applied into any handbag? water, gives the impression of bigger eyes.

Eyebrow pencil, Vult, r $ 13 *
He corrects flaws in the eyebrows and goes well on any skin tone.

Nano pencil Eyeliner, Azur Blue color, Sephora, R $ 19 *
Fits into any handbag and the color is supervibrante.

Items: shadows

Shadow Pure Shine 06, Vult, R $ 11 *
The shadow rose came back with everything and can be used both in everyday life and festivities.

Mary Kay mineral eye shadow, $ 21 *
With super cool colors for a smoky look posh.

Compact Vienna Shimmering shadow, Contains 1 g, r $ 22 *
Comes with applicator and is quite small, good for carry on travel case.

Shadow Color Tattoo 24 HR Bad to the Bronze, Maybelline, 24.90 R$ *
With several different shades, the product is extremely high.

Shadow color Super Nova, Duda Molinos, R $ 27 *
Satin effect the extent to rock the party.

Items: eyeliners

Eyeliner, Océane Femme, R$ 14.50 *
The pen format helps to achieve precise strokes.

Intense liquid eyeliner, O Boticário, R$ 21.99 *
Great product for anyone who is in love with a good eyeliner.

Items: blush, lip gloss and lip liner

Blush Intense 5 color compact, O Boticário, R$ 27.99 *
Great for use in everyday life. Is smooth and versatile.

Moisturizing gloss, Phebo, 13.50 * R$
To moisturize and give a touch of brightness.

Lip Liner ColorStay, Revlon, $ 29 *
In addition to outlining the pencil helps secure the lipstick for longer.

Items of makeup: lipsticks

Lipstick of the Vult, 9.50 R$ *
With wonderful colors with winter’s face, and the setting is great.

Lipstick Hydra Extreme Teddy Bear, Maybelline, 17.90 R$ *
If you love a mouth apagadinha, this is the ideal color.

Scarlet lipstick, Yes!, R$ 19.90 *
This tone is perfect for getting vibrant lips.

Mauve color pencil lipstick, Avon, R$ 23.99 *
The bat format allows the application to color in the corners.

Velvet Matte lipstick Coralton, who said, berenice?, 27.90 R$ *
Perfect for fans of dull-looking lips.

Modern lipstick, Duda Molinos, R $ 30 *
Classical, this nuance of coral lipstick combines with several skin tones and is always chic.

Items: mask of Cilia

Kohl pencil, Tracta, R $ 18 *
Super creamy with intense color, can be used even as a shadow.

Eyelash mask The Colossal, Maybelline, R$ 22.90 *
This mask promises more volume to lashes.

Items of makeup: makeup removers

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Johnson & Johnson, 6.90 R$ *
The product is for babies, but the experts ensure that he is great for removing eye makeup.

Two phase makeup remover Faces, Panvel, R$ 17.20 *
Specific to the region of the eyes, removes all kinds of makeup without irritating the skin.

Makeup remover lotion, Nivea, R$ 19.90 *
Remove eye makeup with ease without leaving oily skin.

Two phase makeup remover, Vult, 29.50 R$ *
Removes waterproof makeup? water and does not irritate the skin or eyes.

Make-up Remover SOAP, who said, berenice?, R$ 29.90 *
Good option for those who prefer to remove make washing the face.

Stripping rods, Océane Femme, R$ 13.70 * (24 Pack)
The rods come with makeup remover inside. Great for removing make-up the eyes.

Hair items: combing cream, shampoo, conditioners, gels moisturizers

Cream Total Repair 5 Elseve, L’Oreal Paris, 7.60 R$ *
This leave-in retrieves superdanificados wires.

Elseve conditioner Arginine Resist X 3, L ‘ Oréal Paris, R$ 8.50 *
This product helps you say goodbye to brittle locks.

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo Advance Techniques, Avon, R$ 8.99 *
Option for the fans of the oil that has become fashionable.

Amp Semi Di Lino Diamante Essential Oil, Alfaparf, R $ 12 *
Good product to maintain hydration of the hair.

I’m Curls mask Modeled, Natura, R$ 12.40 *
To deal with the curls, you need double hydration.

Amp complete reconstruction, Dove, R$ 13.90 * (box with three units)
This amp can moisturize your hair in just 1 minute.

Shampoo Silver Blond, Vult, r $ 16 *
Helps to remove that unwanted yellowish tone that appears in blonds Clarissa.

Maximum Fixing gel, c. Kamura, R $ 21 *
Fixing the wires without leaving residues or look very artificial.

Items for haircare

Capsules, Advance Techniques, Avon, R$ 17.99 * (12 Pack)
Moisturises and brightens the hair in seconds.

Sérum Super Sealer, Garnier Fructis, R$ 19.90 *
Saddle pós-química wires, such as on a Cauterization.

Amp Platinum Armor, TRESemmé, R$ 22.50 * (box with three units)
The treatment promises to restore the threads of the damage accumulated by chemical processes.

Plant Moisture Restorative mask, $ 24 *
Has the power to revitalize dry hair and dyed.

Hair Modeler Siàge, Eudora, R$ 25.90 *
The product offers as far as volume and curls defined.

Thermal water, 50 ml, Vichy, R$ 25.90 *
Soothes sensitive skin and even moisturizes the hair.

Derma Bepantol solution, Bayer, $ 26 *
Pour the solution in a spray bottle and apply in as a leave-in.

Extraordinary oil Elseve, L’Oreal Paris, R$ 29.90 *
Discipline and gives luster to the hair-without regret!