Update: Summer Hair Cute Accessories

To use and abuse in the hottest season of the year < 3

If very elaborate hairstyles do not represent your style-or you simply don’t have the time (or ability!) to make them, know that there are other ways to adorn your hair with simple accessories that make all the difference in the final result. Below, deliver five stylish and easy-to-use suggestions:

  • One of the best ways to end the boredom is to bet on capillary tiaras. The version with jewelry used in the parade of Tanya Taylor, for example, adds instant sparkle and combines with practically all the looks.
  • Using headbands is a great option for short sections. We, on the website, we love the Golden model Lupita Nyong’o used in Essence Black Women in Hollywood event, in 2016. But the attachment is also welcome in long hair, see? Tip: choose versions that have elastic. So, you can position the adorner anywhere on the head.
  • You want to dare? Do Steven Tyler and add some feathers to wig for a visual rock ‘n’ roll. Good example of this is the black version used by the above model in a parade of Marchesa: accessory gave the look a touch dramatic, yet subtle. But you can also find options very colorful and flashy, you see?
  • If the jewelry hair sound too juvenile for you, chances of not having seen the trend adhered by Bella Thorne in the photo above. Spread the tiny stars all over the hair and shine, shine too!
  • The success pure silk scarf on parade of Honor during New York Fashion Week for fall or winter in 2016. But use it in all seasons, without restrictions!