Warts: Causes, and Treatments

They do not cause pain, mostly are harmless, but even so, still cause much trouble. You know what we’re talking about? That’s right, the warts.

Warts are caused by viruses that make up small tumors on the skin. Is a papular lesions (high area of the skin), rough and can be transmitted easily. The warts are very different from those spots, in General, are larger and more textured. Its appearance is common in children, teenagers, people who bite their fingernails frequently, people with weakened immune system, but can also appear in healthy adults-or any person.

They have no right place to appear in the human body, may come alone or in a group and are very easy to spread from one area to another. Some disappear over time, without the need for specific treatment. Already in other cases, it is necessary to make a treatment to accelerate this process.

Causes – warts

His emergence occurs from the contamination of the virus HPV (human papilloma virus), which can be transmitted through cuts and skin lesions. The most common areas are those where people shave, for men the face and in the case of women the leg.


Its transmission happens often through touch and this process is called autoinoculação-normal in bathrooms divided into academia, swimming pools, etc. The warts can also be transmitted during sex, when it is done without protection.

Types of warts

Genial Warts: genital region, they are moist, soft and have a whitish color.

Plantar wart: they appear in sole and your internal growth. Generally, they hurt when stepped on.

Periungual Wart: your emergence happens around the nails.

Verruca Vulgaris: has the same color of skin and are palpable.

Filiform Wart: more common in older people, seem to projections of fingers. Its appearance is given on the face and neck.


The most appropriate treatment will be the one indicated by your doctor, among the most common methods are:

  1. Cryotherapy (freezing technique, also known as liquid nitrogen);
  2. Surgical excision (cutting);
  3. Electrocautery (burning for electricity, is not indicated in dark skin, as it is likely to leave a scar);
  4. Laser (this procedure also cause sunburn, but by a beam of intense light);
  5. Cantharidin (chemical substance that causes burning, leaving the wart dry up to 8 hours after application);
  6. Salicylic acid or other substances queratolíticas (salícilio acid is found in many ointments, gels and lotions, helps in cell renewal, gradually destroying the “skin” the wart).
  7. Immunotherapy (method of using the own body immunity against warts, there are polishes on the market, one that has that function is the”imiquimode” ).

The topics above were just a list of examples of the treatments, there are many others on the market, so the medical consultation is essential.

Is now available to the population the vaccine against HPV (warts-causing virus), which is one of the major factors that causes cancer of the cervix of uterus.

Home treatments for warts are reliable?

No! The chance of you spread warts to other places in the body, is great. Always look for a professional to indicate the most appropriate treatment. To prevent an infection in place, take some care as: not handling the injury, do not use any type of treatment without medical advice and never use pliers or any other tool for your removal.

To prevent the appearance of warts, watch the open lesions and clean them whenever possible. And more! Avoid contact with the wart from other people, remember that they are easily transferable. In General, they do not offer risks to health, except to go to other parts of the body.