Wave Hairstyle: Step by Step

It is no secret that the hairstyles involving style and elegance are well ordered. The “Hair” is a darling of the thinner women, and can be used for multiple and different types of events that call for something more formal.

When in doubt about what to do with your hair, you can bet on the “Wave Hairstyle” without fear! The luxurious air that carries hairstyle will make you feel beautiful, admired, and of course, the diva party!

Want to learn how to do a “Wave Hairstyle“? Follow the step by step I have prepared for you!

You will need: hair clips, elastics/amarradores, a small screen of hair (like those that cooks use) and accessories to decorate your hair.

Step by step “Wave Hairstyle”:

Note: to better understand the writing, watch the video.

1) Divide your hair into two parts. A “tail” and a tail at the top, where it’s part of the fringe.

2) Get the butt you did on top, insert a hair clip and a rubber band that has a small screen. This screen will be used to hold the hair and give the shape to the hair. Pass the small screen across the top, so that the hair get all inside her.

3) on the bottom, take the second tail and add one more hair scrunchie. Make the movement as if it were doing a tail, but do not release all the hair. The second tail will look like a “wave tunnel”, then open it to make it wider. Take the hair that’s left and pass around the amarradores and fasten with a clip.

4) take the top with fabric, divide in half and use hair clips to make the separation, making the hair a gentle “S”. Take the tip end of the hair and secure with clips, doing a little spin, snail-style.

5) Add a Pearl in the middle of the “snail” to give a shine to the hair and use Staples to make the adjustments.

6) Add a flower in the hair scrunchie first tail to hide it and give a charm to the hairstyle.

7) Use hair clips to make all settings and overlap the left part of the S to the right, to do more volume.

If I get doubts about any step, watch the video.

Ready! You’re perfectly beautiful to rock in any event!

Do Wave Hairstyle