We Have the Solutions to Your Fingertips!

Your definitive guide to survive the nail hassles. Yes, that word exists and move on in a good (although it will take a lot to get back to manicure).

The smallest slip is already a good reason for the nails demonstrate and rub in your face that you’re not taking good care of them. But no judgment! We are committed to teach you how to reverse four of the major annoyances that come without asking:

Jigsaw Puzzle

Weak and brittle nails are usually associated with poor diet, but, according to Bianca Wiedemann, dermatologist of Brazilian Society of Dermatology (RJ), can also indicate thyroid disorders and the presence of fungi. Another factor that tends to weaken them is the constant contact with the water and chemical products such as detergent, acetone …

Solution: in addition to visit the dermatologist, you have to invest in a healthy and rich in iron, spinach, soybeans, chickpeas, liver and beets are good sources of nutrient to avoid possible shortcomings. “The use of rubber gloves for housework is also indispensable,” says Bianca Wiedemann. When is paint the claws, use bases empowering (try the Technology Strengthener, Risqué, $ 4) and, whenever you make the glaze, do it with non acetone Remover three days before going to the manicure. In the meantime, work on hydration.

Cuticles in Sight

The cuticles and loose fur just give the guys because they’re dry, you know? And it is not rare to happen, after all, our hands are exposed to external agents throughout the day. Another reason to be apparent is his retreat, not always made the incorrect way.

Solution: remove only excess cuticles and push the rest. “The more you take, the more skin will appear,” said Majid Salman, Hi Salon manicure (SP). To solve the problem of dryness, moisturize the area is law. There are several specific products for this purpose (such as oil for nails and cuticles, L’Occitane au Brésil, R$ 38), but a good almond oil can handle already. Apply cuticles at least three times a day and notice the difference!

Chickened Out!

Women who tend to paint your nails with red glazes and other dark colors are potential candidates to suffer with the yellowish appearance. “But this can also be a warning of the organism for kidney and liver diseases,” warns Bianca Wiedemann.

Solution: apply hydrogen peroxide or a dip of baking soda and water on the nails are the tricks of Saints to whiten them Majid. “That doesn’t happen again, use and abuse the colorless base before passing the enamel,” teaches. If keep yellow, don’t hesitate to see a doctor, eh?

Enamel Stripped

If the nail surface is not completely dry in time to sprinkle, color fixation is compromised. “Any trace of oily can make him chip after a day or two,” reinforces Marysa Santos.

Solution: day by day, before painting your nails, try washing your hands and dry them completely. For emergencies, always press the glaze that is using in the bag. If you peel, take the trick by applying another layer. Furthermore, the trick is to make use of disguises, as strategic spoke on matters the enamel stripped? We teach how to disguise: all you have to do is appeal to the creativity and cover the damage with drawings and banners at the tip of the nail.