Wear Your Hair: You’re Doing It Right?

It may seem silly, but certain habits make a difference right now.

It’s not just the double + dryer flat iron and chemical procedures that harm the health and appearance of the wires. The way you hold your hair when done the wrong way, can also result in damage. Renata Souza, owner of the trendy SPA Dios (SP), teaches how to wear your hair without bringing harm to him:

1- Never hold the wet. “That weakens the root,” said Renata. The ideal is to wait for the hair dry completely.

2- Prefer to hold the locks with piranhas, which glide better and not cause damage. But pay attention if the accessory is not twitching some hairs, which can also be broken.

3- Go secure the hair with elastic and opt for completely coated fabric versions. “Those with metal tend to curl up in and cause even the breaking of the hair fiber,” the expert.

4- Avoid ponytails very “tight”, because, besides being the wires, favor the breaks. And, when you release the hair, never pull the elastic at once: the ideal is to undo a few laps before.

5- Another important point is that the wire is not always prepared to be “stretched” for several hours in a hairstyle. “It is therefore essential to maintain the hair treated to spare you from any damage,” advises.