What Are the Best Tattoos on the Shoulder

The shoulder is a strategic place for tattooing, since the range of choices is varied, both in relation to how the formats sizes of tattoos. To assist in the task of choosing among so many options, will talk about what are the best tattoos on the shoulder and how to elect the one that matches your style.


  1. The shoulder is on the list of sites that have preference in time to choose a body part to tattoo. In addition to being visible, the areas around the shoulder are also traditionally used to receive a tattoo, making the choice is for an image larger than the shoulder and you have to expand to the neck, never, back or arm.
  2. Have to choose between the best tattoos on the shoulder it is necessary, first of all, the person select an image that is in harmony with your style. It is possible to find tattoos with realistic style, oriental, geometric, tribal, only in shades of gray and the most current trends, such as watercolor and pointillism. However, those who want to get a tattoo that covers only the shoulder can opt for maori style that usually have spiral format, which fits perfectly with the shape of the shoulder.
  3. The choice of tattoo on shoulder must also be proportional to the area you want to cover. Although it is not a rule, women have this joint less than men and, therefore, the most appropriate is to choose smaller images and even with less detail. If the idea is to get a drawing with a large number of rows, so the trick is to choose a tattoo with traces only in black color. That choice, by the way, is a trend among women, since women’s shoulders are the most popular tattoos of stars, butterflies, flowers, heart, ladybug and small birds.
  4. The rounded images in style or tribal maori are also pretty views on the shoulders of women, including the spiral and rounded, which follow the natural design of the joint. When these types of tattoos are seen on the shoulders of men, the most common is with thicker strokes and even extend the arm and may or may not get to the forearm. While in women when the image goes beyond the shoulder area, they follow, usually to the back.

To know what is the meaning of maori tattoos, see our article.

  1. It is still possible to tattoo just a drawing, like a bird, a butterfly or several similar images, giving movement to the tattoo, like a flock of birds or a constellation with stars of various sizes. As for colors, is in charge of who receiving the tattoo, although the tattoo artist can help at this time, since some colors combine more with some skin tones than others, for example, which increases the contrast and quality in the final result of the work.
  2. Other tips for shoulder tattoos are the musical symbols as seen in sheet music, a climbing type flower that start in the neck, the shoulder and comes to an arm,dream filter, among others. Already the idea is getting a tattoo that covers all the shoulder and is well populated, it is possible to choose by drawings of skull that can be multicolored, if the idea is to make a tattoo with vivid colours. These images, however, are also beautiful when only appear with black strokes and shaded.