What is the Best Method of Hair Removal for Each Body Part?

Wax, Blade, line, laser … We did this homework for you. You are welcome.

There is no woman in the world to know more about types of waxing a Brazilian. Wax, Blade, laser, pulsed light, line … we’ve seen and experienced it all. However, will choose the method of hair removal for each body part? We find out which technique appeal with the dermatologists Helena Costa, Brazilian society of Laser in medicine and surgery and Luciana Laboriau, Murilo Drummond clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

And the award goes to … the best laser hair removal type for any part of the body. “He’s the only one who can destroy the hair follicle, so that by the never be born and, over time, the amount tends to decrease,” explains Helena. Despite painful and expensive in the short term, the laser hair removal is unanimity among professionals for not having so many “side effects”. Unfortunately, not everyone can do and it’s not just about the cost of the session. The procedure does not work for those who have very clear and blondes by redheads and there are few appliances in black skin.

But first, the facts:

  • X Blade Wax
    The wax can leave skin more flaccid, irritated and take your surface layer of keratin.”Do superficial lesions in the epidermis and micro, consequently, can cause pigmentation post-inflammatory (stains,” explains Helena. Already the blade, although cheap, shave skin and by together. “The skin is rough and porous, with that aspect of man’s beard,” Luciana.
  • As we talked about in our report on questions of beauty, the story that makes the blade by growing thicker is myth. Luciana explains: when we shaved, hair is cut in a stretch thicker than the tip and it looks like this.


Answer: laser. If possible, eliminate headaches forever is the best option. “Many women are uncomfortable and end up using long-sleeved sweaters in the heat because they are not with the waxing days,” argues Luciana. And who cannot appeal to the procedure? Choose any other method but remember that the skin in armpit region is thin and sensitive, and in this case, depilatory creams or the blade may be your solution.


The leg is not a region as sensitive and the waxing or blade can be welcome. “Depends on the characteristics of the skin of every patient, if it is more sensitive or prone to blemishes,” said Helena. In this case, who chooses is the convenience. Need a solution lickety-split? Go to depilatory creams (always getting tested for allergies before, huh) or blade-time to shave, always follow the growth direction of the hair, and not the other way around. Have time and need something more durable? Think of wax or electric epilators.


One of the biggest problems of shaving the groin has name and surname: by landlocked. For this reason, a more definitive method as laser or pulsed light helps to decrease the incidence and volume. In second place on the podium, prepare: blade! “The wax can cause sagging of skin, when there is strong traction in time to pull,” explains Helena. In addition, the traditional hair removal can darken the region and burn the skin.

Upper Lip/Eyebrow

To say goodbye to the moustache line is the most indicated by dermatologists. Forget the wax as it can stain and who uses the method, adopt already Luciana tip: a lot of sunscreen in the region to avoid brands!

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