What Lipstick Color Is Right for Me

Hi girls! After seeing what are the most beautiful lipsticks for Spring / Summer 2015 , we see what are the general guidelines for choosing the color of lipstick that gives us more! With the right shades, in fact, we can go to enhance our lips as if we choose the wrong ones can have the opposite effect!

Bearing in mind that there are no strict rules in the world of Make Up we can follow the general guidelines to be taken into consideration when selecting the right shade of lipstick! Let’s see how to choose the color of the lipstick according to our  hair, shape of the lips, skin color, eye color


Dark Hair = dark lipstick, dark red, plum, burgundy

Hair Blonde = nude lipsticks, light, pastel colors, gloss

Red Hair = lipsticks in warm tones pink pastel

WARNING: on a tanned skin light pastel colored lipsticks also really give the girls with dark hair


Thin lips = Avoid dark lipsticks that accentuate the thinness of the lips

Fleshy lips = avoid too bright colors that accentuate the volume of the lips, dark colors, in fact, give shape to his lips and make very big lips “less imporant”.


Skin Chiara = choose a nude, pink or, if you dare, the coral color (bright red)

Skin Media = choose a color or too bright nor too dark, are perfect fuchsia

Dark skin color = choose from brick red to burgundy (dark red)


Blue Eyes Blonde Hair + = Ruby red

Blue Eyes Light Brown + = Red Cherry

Brown Eyes : Coral, Peach, Brick

Green eyes = the whole range of pink and red
Here girls, these were the general rules to be taken into account to best enhance our lips I hope this article has been helpful! In this video I show 6 Rossetti among my favorites combined with 6 different looks

I send you a big kiss!!