What You Are Going to Give to MOM?

We are sure that you have it pointed in the agenda, but this Sunday, may 2nd is the Mother’s day, and I imagine that you will have the gift chosen already, isn’t it? It will be passion’s daughter, but taking advantage of my mother this week will enter to read me, I tell you what I have prepared: a perfume.

A maybe yes, know classic,. But she loves! It is the new Loewe, the edition of the painter Sorolla. But if you prefer another perfume, here we see seen perfume type candy, such as Flower Party; or a classic as it is Guerlain and its new fragrance, Flora Nymphéa.

We saw Zara, an aroma of Apple of Mercadona perfumes; even the novelty of DKNY, Pure.

I don’t think that spring is the time of testing new creams. If all just having allergies to things or we know, pollen this year is sticking very strong, because better to choose other products.

Unless it is a cream already is about to end… then surely Yes. Mostly because the vast majority of firms releases Special editions with creams, perfumes and other gifts.

If you bet on one of innovations in makeup, or those so intense lip bars, or those Nail Polish we’re seeing; that Yes, you can buy several, choose a beautiful box, and with a simple loop, you have a gift. Because there is a clear thing, what mother will buy three or four new Nail Polish? We already have our gift.