Where to Buy Nyx Online and Cheap

If you are in love with makeup, especially for shadows, and wants to buy a good product for a price even better, you’ll love the hint that I will give in this post! I’d really like the palette of the film “Shadows of the night” that the NYX released, but people … the beautiful is costing R$ 190.00. Hi? Sorry, but I lived in the US and I know that NYX mega cheap cost, so I decided to search.

I found a store with many legal products make for a bargain price. The day you accessed, the store was still with promotion, so the palette that I wanted was costing $18.00. I was afraid to buy because I’ve never heard anyone say that shops, but I decided to risk it because if I lose money, lose some 40 real and right, nothing ventured no bargain!

I made the purchase and the palette arrived, perfect, unbroken, unique and wonderful in my house this week. It took about 25 days to arrive and my satisfaction was immense, so now I’m coming to tell them about this wonderful store for you–I could only post after to be sure it would work, right? The store is called Blanc to Noir and has a lot of nice thing to make for wonderful and best prices: they live doing promotion! Can buy their products at a good that is reliable. Oh, a tip: don’t buy more than $50 because your package can be taxed at customs.

Then I will make a post talking about the palette swatches and everything … I couldn’t do now because my skin is sensitive because of a problem I had recently, but soon the post comes out! I can say that the palette has amazing colours and the shadows are loved boas…eu! I just hope I can go back to wearing makeup!