Which Foundation Is Suitable for Oily Skin

The choice of foundation is very important to have a perfect make-up: this wrong color or type it is likely to bring out skin blemishes. But here are our tips for choosing the best foundation for your skin and will not go wrong again!

Every good makeup that respects from the base: it is therefore very important to use a good foundation, the color of which is as similar as possible to that of our skin.

Well, easy to say, you say.

In the market there are many shades and hues and the error is always around the corner.

For example, if we choose too dark foundation we risk to highlight the imperfections of the skin , not to mention the inevitable “mask” effect that is created.

But the obstacles are not exhausted in the color: as if that were not enough, a right shade of foundation still likely to be ineffective if the selection does not take into account factors such as skin type and age.

How to do so to buy the right product?

Simple: follow our advice!

1. A color for each

Choose the right color foundation means to pay close attention during the test of the product.

First, remember to avoid parts of the body that are very exposed to sunlight, such as the hands, and prefer the inside of the wrist or jaw.

Second, most try different shades, leaving a skin portions between a color and the other, so as to make a comparison.

Finally, remember to go out in the sunlight to evaluate the foundation well: sometimes the lights of perfumeries change the color of our skin!

2. Types of Skin

Each skin has specific requirements that the foundation must comply.

If your skin is oily or mixed , the most suitable foundation is mineral or the compact powder with matting properties and matt effect.

If your skin is dry , you can choose creamy and moisturizing products for skin, who can also nourish the skin.

If your skin is normal, the foundation has to be fluid.

3. Skin Age

A young and healthy skin do not need products too opaque, so you can opt for a cream colored instead of the classic foundation.

In case of boils, the choice of the foundation must not change, but must be assigned to it a concealer .

If the skin is mature, try a foundation with anti-aging effect and avoid excessively covering products, because they highlight wrinkles.