You Know Take Advantage of Illuminators

There are those who, wrongly, to be confused with mere brokers of dark circles, but the differences are large. Learn how to use them to give a more sublime to your complexion.

Although they are often confused with each other, is not synonymous with illuminator broker of dark circles. Applying it properly makes the face filled with light. Is the new makeup trend for some time now and marks the difference between a perfect look and a visual common. Broker and illuminator are not, however, the same thing. Although many cosmetic brands (n) the confused joining the two terms on their labels, you might want to know that there’s a big difference.

The very concept of a and others differ. The Broker uses to standardize skin complexion, fix dark circles and conceal certain imperfections such as blemishes, flushing, acne marks or bubbles. Already the Illuminator, increasingly used, is a product that serves to give a touch of light or volume to the face, or in your entire basis or in specific zones and defined.


Effectively, the light is the ACE in the hole, guarded by this state-of-the-art cosmetic. The effect is achieved because it includes in your formula reflecting light particles that capture light rays.

Let there be light!

There are in various shades, textures and shapes, and each was thought to create a different effect and to apply on different skin tones. With regard to color, not everyone has the same tone and the most common are white or very light tones, used especially to fill the marked areas and get to pass unnoticed. Among those who can find more easily, stand out the tones:

-Mauve and pink

Potentiate the brightness in skins very dark or tanned.


To illuminate spaces with flushing and create volume. Also obtains very good results in very rosy.

-Yellow or bronze

To give a golden hue to the skin.

-Gold-or silver-plated

Contain micro particles from luster. Are the least advised for oily skins.

How to apply

Powder, used to illuminate specific areas with greater intensity. Apply with a brush or your fingers over the fond-of-teint, in specific areas, focusing on the areas you want to illuminate or bring out. In cream, serves to give a brighter aspect to the skin of the face. Can be used before, after or mixed with the fond-of-teint.

This product applies with a small paintbrush or with gentle massage with the fingers, for a more natural effect. With applicator, serves to give very specific ringtones, especially in areas more marked, which can disguise or illuminate without wearing makeup. As these bring a built-in brush, your application is more accurate and simple.