10 Beauty Tricks to Hide the Hangover

The party is over and the next morning, you feel a true horror: blurry eyes, hair full of us (and rest of texturizer), not to mention the headache. We’ve already taught how to cure a hangover, but the biggest predictor of late night can’t hide: the face. How to avoid the look a bus-for-top-of-me? We teach 10 tricks to give the guy a hangover.

1. Remove Any Evidence

You slept, an armed robbery of the beauty of the skin. Stick to the recovery: remove all make-up and wash your face with a suitable soap. The swelling goes away with a little nap.

2. Rehydrate Your Skin

Alcohol and good skin are two factors simply incompatible. When you wake up the next morning to the ballad, your pores will be very dry and for that there is only one way out: say Hello, hydration! A natural solution that works from the inside out is take coconut water during the day, he will give you exactly what you need!

3. Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

You had more or less 2 hours sleep and now your eyelids are playing it on your face. Nothing that a compress of ice water and some cucumber slices won’t fix. A tip is for a damp towel in a plastic container and leave in the fridge until it forms a layer of ice. Then put it on your face and leave for 10 minutes, pressing around the eyes to say goodbye to any trace of a hangover. You will feel brand new!

4. Deal with Pimples

Pimples you know very well how to make any girl down, but we tell you a trick to camouflage: pass a mattifying product. Any brightness will make her look bigger than it is, then leave it as opaque as possible. Finally, avoid the most poke them! If you don’t move, they disappear quickly.

5. Clear and Enforce the Dark Areas

You may not be able to undo last night, but can disguise the remnants of dark circles and some parts of your skin which strengthen the air hung over. For this, pass concealer in areas most committed to match the skin tone.

6. Light up Your Face

You managed to disentangle possible acne caused by alcohol, but your pores are still not 100%. But don’t despair! To fix this situation is real easy, pass an illuminator product and it will let you with radiant skin.

7. Dip in Pink

Colors such as coral or pink-peach will help give a healthy and natural touch to the skin. Then, a light blush and a lipstick pink will give the impression that you are coming out fresh.

8. Cover the Red Eyes

Repeat the process of cold compress to reduce swelling so much as the redness. One option is dripping water morning to help remove any impurities from the eye.

9. Clean Hair is a Must

Washing your hair or clean it with dry shampoo are two great options and that need to be done to remove waste products and leave the hair look better! By the way, did you know that there is a right way to wash your hair?

10. Wear Your Hair up

Ponytail or bun, the best option is to keep it secure, since if you’re hung over, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair falling on his face.